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A Rose for a Rose: Cate Blanchett on Saying “Si” to Life

Hello everyone! New promotional article and image for Sì Rose Signature on Vanity Fair. Enjoy!

A new scent from Giorgio Armani, Si Rose Signature, conjures up more than just feeling for Cate Blanchett

There she goes again, on Broadway that is, making her grand presence known in the currently running play The Present. A longtime lover of Chekhov’s work, Cate Blanchett now stars in her husband Andrew Upton’s adaption of the little-known story. The Present is playing at the Barrymore Theatre and has, since January, grossed well over a million dollars, according to The New York Times—an especially high number for a non-musical!

Blanchett plays 40-year-old widow Anna Petrovna, who celebrates her birthday with friends and family, leading up to what is perhaps not the happiest of party endings. However, what’s most polarizing about the play is Blanchett’s commanding performance—her presence fully captivating you to the very end.

Similarly, it’s her drive, femininity, and passion that make her the obvious face and muse of Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani, which debuted earlier this month. Infused with the most famous roses in perfumery—Rose de Mai, which is the central appeal to this new edition, and rose turque—the fragrance is an array of exotic floral notes along with sensual and velvety accords. “The Turkish rose, which has a hint of orange in it, and the more-green rose in this iteration are just beautiful,” says Blanchett. A beautiful actress and a beautiful scent… now that will hold our attention!

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Voice Enhancer – New promotional interview for Sì

Voice Enhancer – New promotional interview for Sì

Hello people! A new promotional interiew to promote The Present and Sì Rose Signature

Cate Blanchett can be forgiven for not knowing that Drew Barrymore wants to eat her.

The two-time Oscar winning actress is currently appearing on Broadway in an adaptation of Chekhov’s “The Present,” and her schedule is punishing. The actress has nine performances weekly, each clocking in at almost three hours, which doesn’t leave much time to catch E News, where Barrymore, promoting her new Netflix series about a suburban mom who becomes a cannibal, proclaimed Blanchett to be the person she’d most like to eat “because she’s like the most amazing woman ever.”

Blanchett laughs a deep throaty laugh when she hears the story, and immediately gives the love right back. “She’s an angel, a very talented angel.” But the actress — who today is conducting interviews with international beauty editors in her role as the face of Giorgio Armani’s Si fragrance before heading to the theater for her evening performance — has been avidly following the political news during her time in New York.

In January, for example, she joined the The Ghostlight Project’s protest march on Broadway, wearing a pink knit “pussy” hat, and while she couldn’t attend the Women’s March on Washington because of her performance schedule (“I was there in spirit,” she says), she hasn’t been reticent about speaking her mind.

“When Elizabeth Warren is told that she can not speak in the Senate, they are dark days,” says Blanchett. “I don’t know what century I’m in. I thought that the equal pay for equal work conversation was boring and reactionary enough, but this is deeply shocking. We have the choice now to evolve as a species and part of that is finally getting rid of the shocking inequalities that exist not only between the genders but the wealth divide.”

Blanchett’s relationship with Armani has been a longstanding one — she likes to tell the story of running out to buy an Armani suit after getting her first acting paycheck and is quick to note that she still owns it (“his clothes don’t date”) — due in part to his espousal of gender equality. “He was one of the first designers to really unlock the complexity of the female aesthetic. He liberated women from the need to wear traditionally feminine clothes or traditionally sexy clothes,” says Blanchett. “There is a kind of Eastern simplicity, and also an Eastern mélange of the opposites that exist in his designs — you’ve got the masculine with the feminine and the soft with the hard.

“He is interested in all of those dualities,” she continues, “and when he was creating Si he wanted all of those complexities and dualities to exist.” It is a message that has resonated. Industry sources estimate that Si, which is currently launching its second flanker called Rose Signature, has reached retail sales of $80 million in the U.S. since launching in 2014.

Sitting in the Presidential Suite on the 53rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Blanchett, wearing a navy Armani trouser suit, has a commanding view of New York City and Central Park. When asked if she’s enjoyed working in New York, she gives a brief hesitation. “It’s very confronting at the moment, for sure, but it’s a great city,” she says.

While she’s performed in New York before, “The Present” marks her Broadway debut. As for what’s next to tick off on the bucket list? Blanchett reels off a list of directors she’d like to work with, including Thomas Ostermeier, Julian Rosefeldt (who directed her in the one-woman multiscreen film installation, “Manifesto”) and Andrea Arnold. “And I’d also like to finally get some chickens in my chicken coop,” she adds. “So there is a lot to do.”

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Six Questions for Cate Blanchett

Six Questions for Cate Blanchett

Hello everyone! New interview with Cate for T Magazine/ The New York Times Style Magazine and a new image from the campaign’s set. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett for Sì Rose Signature Limited Edition 2017

The title of “The Present,” now playing on Broadway, is a clever one. The play takes place at a summer house in Russia on the occasion of a 40th birthday, and there are a few physical gifts in play — notably, a chess set and an antique gun. (The play is a Chekhov adaptation, so yes, both get used before the final curtain falls.) But it’s also concerned with the specters raised by “the present” as a concept, particularly in a group of friends with years of history between them: How does the past of each relationship impact how we might feel about it now? How much can we ever depend on the future?

The linchpin of the proceedings is the birthday girl, Anna, played by Cate Blanchett with wit, grace and physical deftness. She spends much of the play’s first half smiling in amusement, resolutely unruffled by the impassioned meltdowns of those around her, and much of its second half shouting and seducing and dancing on tables. During a busy time for Blanchett — in addition to the three-hour run of the play each night, she’s also the face of Armani’s Sì fragrance, which launches a new iteration of its Rose Signature scent next month — she answered a few questions for T.

When watching “The Present,” we get the impression that all of these characters are entrenched in ways of relating to each other, which then transform or explode as the play goes on. How did that back story take shape for you?

I think you’re absolutely right. The characters all want things from each other that they can’t deliver on; they’re all in love with the wrong person at the wrong time. A 40th birthday with a lot of alcohol and unresolved lust and longing is a very combustible set of circumstances. It was really exciting to work with people that I’ve worked with for a long time on this, because in Chekhov, not a lot happens, but everything happens. It’s all about time spent with each other.

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You’ve spent a long time with Anna by now — you were playing her when you were interviewed for an August 2015 T cover story. Are you still discovering new things about her and about this story as you continue to play it?

When you work with really playful, inventive, intelligent actors who are very open, as I’m having the great good fortune to do right now, I think it constantly opens up; and if the work is rich and deep, it’s a joy to return to it. We first performed it about 18 months ago, and then we had a hiatus and people went off and did other things, and then we came back together. We sort of collided with the past experience, but took it somewhere — not different, but somewhere deeper.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience of driving home, and the route is exactly the same, but you’re preoccupied with something different, so you forget how you got here. On a good night, that’s the experience you have in the theater. People are always saying, “Oh, my god, it must be so tiring to do the same thing every night.” It’s the same journey, but you arrive there slightly differently depending on what other people do.

And also, I must say, performing to an American audience right now in the wake of the inauguration of the current administration, there’s whole layers of meaning — of moral compromise and uncertainty of the future and what is right, what is wrong — that have always been in the play, but because the audience brings that to bear, it’s shifted the play slightly, which has been really interesting.

How, as an actress, have you seen that borne out when you’re playing the part? Is it just a feeling in the air, is it that laugh lines are slightly different…?

As an actor on stage, the audience often thinks that they’re there to be entertained, but they’re a vital, active component of the evening. It’s not about laughter, necessarily; it’s quality of listening. Broadway audiences are so literate: They love theater, they love being told stories, they love a surprise. And that, coupled with the current — it’s not even a political climate, it’s like a moral climate — has meant that the play’s been attended to in a slightly different way.

I think we’re all so hyperaware of our relationships to the truth right now, and to our sense of objectivity, in every interaction we have throughout a day.

Language is incredibly powerful: the words we choose to use, and how we choose to use them. I remember ages ago, the word “evil” was purloined, and it’s been very bewildering to me watching the word “refugee” morph into the word “immigrant” morph into the word “terrorist” within the space of nine months. “Truth” is an immutable word: Something is true or it is not. Theater, actually, its currency is language.

You mentioned the inherent drama of a 40th birthday party that collects people from different stages in someone’s life. Do you think there’s anything specific about that time of life that is more likely to give rise to dramatic situations?

It’s very built up, that moment in a person’s life, the 40th. And I think for her, it’s compounded with the need or desire to move on and to take stock of where she’s at; and take what is useful and valuable and worthwhile from the past, and jettison that which is not as she moves into the future. There’s certain points in one’s life where one takes stock, and I think in an archetypical way, turning 40 is often that moment, but for many people it’s not. For many people it’s their mid-40s or their 50s or their 60s. It depends on the degree of maturation, I think, and self-awareness that the person has.

You’ve been a brand ambassador for Armani for some time — what were your first impressions of the new Sì fragrance? Are there any memories or emotions it evokes for you?

I think there’s a definite optimism in calling a fragrance Sì at the moment, particularly a female scent. We have to be positive and forward-looking, and we have to say yes to those things we believe in and yes to ourselves. When Mr. Armani spoke to me about being the face of the fragrance, I had no idea there were going to be so many iterations. I love a fragrance that has those deeper woody notes that develop so beautifully — but this has got a double rose. Normally, I’m not a fan of rose, but because the rose is green, and there’s a Turkish rose in there, which has a hint of orange to it, it’s actually really beautiful. It’s humorous and optimistic, which I think is a good way to start the day.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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New spot for Sì Rose Signature

New spot for Sì Rose Signature

Giorgio Armani Beauty released a new brief commercial to introduce the last version of Sì, Sì Rose Signature II, a limited edition on sale for Valentine’s Day.

We also replaced some photos from the set with HQs and we have a new images from the campaign’s set. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:

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New images and spot for Sì

New images and spot for Sì

Good evening!
Giorgio Armani just released a new spot for Sì: Sì all’Amore (Yes to Love) featuring new footage from the 2015 commercial.

We also have the first images from the set of the new Sì Rose Signature Collector Ediotion. Enjoy!

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Sì Rose Signature, Limited Edition 2017, with Cate Blanchett ( Commercial + Ad ) #Armani

Hey everyone!

The first commercial for Giorgio Armani perfume, Sì Rose Signature, with Cate Blanchett is out! Also an hq ad from the campaign was added to our gallery. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett Sì Rose Signature Limited Edition EDP 2017 Armani

Cate Blanchett Sì Rose Signature Limited Edition EDP 2017 Armani

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Cate Blanchett for Sì by Giorgio Armani: new photos and videos #SaySì

Cate Blanchett for Sì by Giorgio Armani: new photos and videos #SaySì

Hello everyone!

Few days ago, Armani Beauty website released the first image from the new campaign for Sì Rose Signature Eau de Parfum. Cate looks absolutely divine!

Cate Blanchett Fan Sì Rose Signature

We also added new images from the Sì Night Light campaign with new photos from photoshoot, few ads and behind the scenes.

Cate Blanchett Fan Sì Night Light
Cate Blanchett Sì Night Light Armani

And we recovered two videos from previous campaigns: one teaser from Sì campaign in 2015 and a commercial Sì #SaySì with new footage from last year. Enjoy!!!!

Feel Unique
Parfum de Pub

Surreality bites in Del Kathryn Barton’s Red

Surreality bites in Del Kathryn Barton’s Red

Artist Del Kathryn Barton pulled off a casting coup securing actress Cate Blanchett for her short film RED, but it was a couple of uncooperative, venomous eight-legged stars that posed one of her toughest challenges.

RED, a 15-minute surrealist film which will premiere at the Art Gallery of South Australia in late January as part of the 2017 Adelaide Festival program, is inspired by the sexual cannibalism of the Australian redback spider.

It’s a fascinating ritual, but also brutal: after or during sex, the male spider offers himself to his female as a post-coital meal, somersaulting into her mouth. If she’s not immediately hungry, she may bind his body and store it in her web as a snack for later.

Barton says she can’t remember when she first heard of the ritual – “but when I did, I thought, wow! That’s so insane and crazy and awesome all at once.

del kathryn barton Australia, born 1972 RED, 2016 high resolution digital video, 15 mins, patrons edition 2/3 (film still); Gift of the Art Gallery of South Australia Contemporary Collectors 2016, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Images courtesy of the artist

“For me it spoke about the poetics of female power, which is central to my oeuvre anyway, but this seemed like a more uncompromising, brutal manifestation of that.

“And to me the female redback spider is such an extraordinary creature – so monumental and fierce-looking.”

Keen to nurture the professional relationships she had made while working on The Nightingale and the Rose ­– a film project inspired by Oscar Wilde’s story – the two-time Archibald Prize winner says she decided to embark on a new film with the redback at the core of the narrative.

She started out by filming macro footage of mating spiders – under a house in Queensland, in the middle of a storm. And although she eventually captured what she wanted, including the female luring her mate along the web, mating with him and then binding him, it didn’t happen quickly.

“It hasn’t been filmed before so that was pretty exciting but quite stressful, too, because you can’t exactly cue your talent … we were there for five very long days.”

Barton says that after she won $50,000 in funding through the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, her ambitions grew for RED. She decided to develop the project with live actors (Blanchett and Alex Russell) and a dancer (Sydney Dance Company member Charmene Yap).

When it came to casting the “archetypal mother”, the artist says Blanchett – whom she had painted with her family for her 2011 Archibald Prize entry, Mother (a portrait of Cate) – was top of her list. Barton has previously said she screamed out loud when she heard the actress had accepted the role.

“She could not have been more perfect … I always aim for the best and it worked,” she tells InDaily.

“My understanding of Cate is that she really welcomes those creative opportunities … she welcomes challenges and stepping into unknown creative spaces.”

Barton describes Blanchett’s role as “fierce, strong, beautiful, predatory and poetic all at once”.

“Cate does this extraordinary performance where she cuts herself out of a suit, so it’s like she’s freeing herself from a type of skin and her female energy explodes into the universe.”

There is little dialogue in the film, which is largely visual and sonic. Its intense energy is driven by composer Tom Schutzinger’s soundtrack of beats, which reflects RED’s themes of life and death, sex, female power and fertility.

“It takes you on a wild, varied ride,” Barton says of the music.

“It really comes at you and slaps you around, and the film really needs that.”

Red will be at the Art Gallery of South Australia from January 26 until April 30, 2017.

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Sì to Light contest: a chance to meet Cate Blanchett (UK & ROI residents aged 18+ only)

Sì to Light contest: a chance to meet Cate Blanchett (UK & ROI residents aged 18+ only)

Hello everyone! We have great news to UK and ROI fans!

Giorgio Armani, a trading division of L’Oréal (UK) Limited, is promoting a contest in which the winner will be able to meet Cate Blanchett in NYC. The prize also includes a trip to New York City (4th and 5th February 2017) for 2 – including return flights from UK to New York, 3 nights’ hotel 5* accommodation with activities including tickets to see Cate Blanchett on stage, meals at top New York restaurants and a shopping session at the Giorgio Armani flagship store with $1,000 for the winner to spend on Armani products. Entries must be received on or no later than 23:59 UK time on 31 December 2016. The prize draw will take place by 5 January 2017 and the winner will be notified by email by 20 January 2017.
Thanks to @KoffeeWithKish on Twitter for sharing this information with us!
See how to enter to Sì to Light contest below.


Declare your Sì and you may be selected to meet Cate Blanchett in New York City.

Experience 2 days full of emotions, on February 4th & 5th, 2017.

How to participate*:

a) Post a photo representing your future ambition on and tell us your future ambition (your “Sì”);
b) Complete the mandatory parts of the form (first name, last name, email address, country, postal address and date of birth); and
c) Click on “Share my Sì” to add the post to their Facebook account


*Read all the terms and conditions to make sure you are eligible for this contest.

Terms and Conditions
Link 1
Link 2

Good luck!

Shakespeare: Warning Kings Screencaptures

Shakespeare: Warning Kings Screencaptures

Good evening to you all! As we announced last week, on Sunday a documentary about Shakespeare went on air on Channel 1 (Russia). Cate Blanchett appeares amongst the various actors interviewed to realize this special. For now we only have the Russian dubbed version, and the title it’s a poor translation of the original. We hope someone will acquire the documentary in the English speaking version. In the meantime…enjoy!

Gallery Links:

Cate Blanchett interviewed for a Russian documentary on Shakespeare

Cate Blanchett, alongside with Joseph and Ralph Fiennes, and many other actors, is featured in a Russian documentary by Vladimir Pozner, realized to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Titled ???????. ?????????????? ???????, that Google translate as “Shakespeare Warning kings”, the film is centered on the relationship between the poet, the government and the nobles. The documentary will premiere on Sunday, December 11. Watch a clip below

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New behind the scenes images for Sì Night Light

New behind the scenes images for Sì Night Light

Good morning! Two new behind the scenes photos from Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Holiday Campaign 2016. Enjoy!

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New image for Sì Night Light

New image for Sì Night Light

Good morning!

Yesterday Giorgio Armani Beauty UK unvelead a new banner for Sì Night Light and the second promotional image of the 2016 Christmas Campaign

and I was able to find the single shot. Enjoy!

via Magazine OOBMAG

New images for Sì Le Parfum

New images for Sì Le Parfum

Hello everyone!

Marie Claire Russia released three new photos from the promotional campaign of Sì Le Parfum, an several larger versions of known pictures (in the thumbs).


They also released the first image from the Sì Night Light photoshoot. Enjoy!

UNHCR – New video from Cate Blanchett’s trip in Jordan

UNHCR – New video from Cate Blanchett’s trip in Jordan

The United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees released another video from the humanitarian visit that Cate Blanchett, with her husband and their youngest son, took in Jordan in the spring. The video, centered on a young couple who found love in the refugees camp, is part of the new campaign Nobody Left Outside.

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