88th Academy Awards – Videos

88th Academy Awards – Videos

A bunch of videos from the last Oscars!

Red carpet

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

On stage (start at 00:48)

And behind the scenes with SK-II: videos and photos at Vogue Taiwan. The video can also be found at PopSugar

88th Academy Awards – First Photos

88th Academy Awards – First Photos

The biggest Award Event of the year, Cate is at the Academy Awards tonight (Best Actress Award has not been revealed yet). Wearing a beautiful gown by Armani, here are the first pictures from the evening:

First look at Cate Blanchett at the 88th Academy Awards Red Carpet

Here’s a first look at Cate Blanchett at the 88th Academy Awards Red Carpet where she’s nominated for Best Actress


New photos from the Oscars rehearsals

New photos from the Oscars rehearsals

Two new pictures and quick peek behind the scenes with The Los Angeles Times. Are you ready?

Some actors had more elaborate tasks to carry out. Talking into camera while walking across the stage through pieces of set, Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett sought help from stage manager Gary Natoli about hitting her marks. “Is it here? Ish? And angled in what fashion?”

After a giant video screen lowered above the stage began to wobble, and Blanchett tried a more leisurely walk at the director’s request, the “Carol” star said, “I don’t know if I can walk any slower than that.”

A voice boomed from the back of the room, “That’s fine.”

Blanchett, who was wearing the set of towering silver heels she plans to wear Sunday night, looked up into the crowd. “You can always recast,” she said. “A couple of drinks, anyone?”

Elizabeth Stewart reveals what is like to dress Cate Blanchett

An enlighting conversaton with one of the best stylist in the world!

I’ve been styling Cate Blanchett for more than eight years. Because of her crazy schedule, she doesn’t have a lot of time for fittings. She has a very, very busy life—she has four kids—so she tends to come in for a fitting right before the event. I really have to know what she’s going to like.

Cate and I e-mail three to four times about dresses before we meet, so there have been some back-and-forth and images exchanged. Normally we try to prep all the clothes the night before a fitting because we often start very early.

When Cate and I are together, we’re looking for pieces for several events. We’ll do our fitting in Cate’s hotel, my studio—wherever works.

Today was a usual day working with Cate: She landed from Sydney, and we went right to work on what she would wear for some upcoming television appearances and the New York premiere of Carol. I had around 10 dresses to show her, but they were a solid 10 dresses. We have to be very quick when we’re together—we never have the luxury of a three-hour meeting. We fit about 20 events in less than an hour. Pictures are very critical during the process; we photograph everything. If I’m sending her off on a press tour, everything’s packed together, and there’s a PDF that describes exactly what the dress is, what it’s for, what accessories go with it. It’s very well documented.

One of my most memorable moments with Cate was one year at the Oscars when she was about eight months pregnant and wore the Dries Van Noten dress. She arrived that morning and tried on her dress for the first time, and then wore it. She’s really decisive. Six months before, literally all she said was, “I think I’d like to wear Dries to the Oscars,” and that was that. It just went from there. She will just drop something, and I’ll go with it.

She also loves new designers, so we really stay on top of that as well. For example, she wore this tattoo dress by Yacine Aouadi in New York, then an Esteban Cortazar piece to the London premiere of Carol. She is intensely curious; she’ll send me an e-mail about a designer and say, “What about this person?” And it’s always someone I’ve never even heard of, which is amazing.

After the fitting, we’re in the car, going to different events. We all eat in the car, or wherever we are. Everyone gets very mad at me because I always want to get In-N-Out Burger. Once I was in Tokyo with Cate and the whole team, and they all love sushi, so that’s what we ate every day for lunch.

Keep in mind, we’re also driving around with the big gowns in the car—they have to get from place to place. Cate’s team travels in the same car, so we’ll plan and chat about all of her upcoming events. Recently there was a dress designed for Marc Jacobs’s spring show, which for one reason or another did not make it onto the runway. When we were searching for a dress for the 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in January, they sent it to us as an option, and we loved it.

via Harper’s Bazaar

New video and interviews from SK-II #changedestiny LA Forum

New video and interviews from SK-II #changedestiny LA Forum

Hello everyone! A video from the red carpet


another one, during the Google live chat, after the forum,


and a short trascript from the conversation

1) Talking about change in destiny, what is one thing you will not change in life?

Self respect, always love yourself.

2) What’s your advice for women who want empower themselves in their specialties?

I think women who want to progress and move ahead in their chosen field should be admired. I believe that the journey is the key, and to stop and reflect along the way so that we aren’t just solely looking at the end goal. We need to have a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment along the way.

3) Could you share 3 beauty tips (mentally and physically) for the day before Oscars red carpet and to keep healthy and perfect skin all the time?

For me the Oscars award ceremony is about trying to have fun. The selection of the dress and the hair and makeup is a joy and something I really enjoy. So I would normally start with a massage, followed by an SKII mask, then hair and makeup. In the lead up to the event, in adition to my usual SK-II skincare routine I would apply a mask everyday so that my skin is super hydrated.

My make-up artist Jeanine Lobell, also loves to use the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil mixed in with the foundation to help keep my skin hydrated and ensure a dewy finish.

Smile. I think everyone looks best when they show up with a smile. It is about enjoying the moment and having a good time.

via Vnikali

Another interview, for the Chinese public.

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