Vogue and La Perla Host Cocktails for Manifesto With Cate Blanchett and Julian Rosefeldt

Hello everyone! An article about the event hosted by Vogue and La Perla to celebrate the installation of Manifesto was published yesterday. Enjoy the reading!


“Have you seen the garbage collector in the fat suit and with the hairy mole?” asked Cate Blanchett, dressed impeccably in a tailored ensemble from Givenchy, when talking about one of the characters in her latest project, Manifesto, directed by Julian Rosefeldt. The two met while Blanchett and her husband, writer Andrew Upton, were in Berlin. “We got on and kept meeting up, and he went away,” explained Blanchett of the “long slow process” of working with Rosefeldt. “Julian is so meticulous—he said, ‘I need to know what the framework is.’” The results were on display last night at a cocktail party, hosted by Vogue and La Perla, at the Park Avenue Armory. Braving the rain was a stellar crowd that included Wendi Murdoch, Deborra-Lee Furness, Lyor Cohen, and Xin Li.

And while everyone was enamored with hearing about the project from the armory’s president and executive producer, Rebecca Robertson, and Rosefeldt himself, guests were eager to take in the various vignettes. “The execution was incredibly fast,” said Blanchett of working with Rosefeldt, “and the preparation that Julian had done was so rigorous and deep.” But what about the Australian Academy Award winner? How did she prepare? “I used to play this game with my sister where she would dress me up and she would name a character, and I’d stand in front of a mirror and inhabit it,” said Blanchett. “It felt, in a way, that it was like that, except obviously there’s a very rigorous and interesting sort of intellectual backbone to the thing.” And while the actress is known for her bone-chilling portrayals on-screen, she admitted, “It’s not like I had to get into character; there was no time to do that.” With Blanchett playing more than 10 characters in the scenes, did she have a favorite moment or role? “I think it was the speed,” she said, “That was the most thrilling part.”

Via Vogue