Cate Blanchett honors Giorgio Armani on his 90th birthday

Cate Blanchett sends her best wishes to Giorgio Armani who celebrates his 90th birthday today. Cate has long had a beautiful relationship not only with the house of Armani but to the man himself. She has been the face of the Sì perfume since 2013 and the Global Beauty Ambassador since 2018. Most recently, she attended the haute couture show in Paris.

Google translated from Italian to English.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Armani is a timeless man, an artist capable of crossing generations without ever aging, a person capable of renewing himself while remaining a point of reference. For me, he has been an absolute idol since I was little more than a girl. For my first official photo as an actress, I went looking for an Armani dress. And I can assure you that I couldn’t afford it. It was the only piece of clothing that made me feel glamorous and chic, it was a kind of self-esteem operation that was very successful. Armani has the unique ability to spread optimism and positivity in a world that seems to want to push us in the opposite direction. Only the greatest talents are able to leave such a strong mark on society. Armani is surprise and adventure. We share the same passions, from cinema to architecture. He is a philanthropist, an honest and sincere person, tough and rigorous with himself. I believe there is no one as capable as him of expressing with tenacity and determination the concept of female empowerment, bringing together different cultures and generations with absolute style. We must learn the lesson from Armani: independence is an absolute value and it is not important what you wear, but how you wear it.”

Cate Blanchett and Giorgio Armani in 2007.

Giorgio Armani 40th anniversary in the business of fashion. Above – left to right: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Tina Turner, Zhang Ziyi. Below – left to right: Lauren Hutton, Glenn Close, Sophia Loren, Isabelle Huppert, Giorgio Armani, Hilary Swank

Giorgio Armani Haute Couture Show Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Show in Paris

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