Happy Birthday Cate Blanchett – Mass Update 2020
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May 14, 2020

Happy Birthday Cate Blanchett – Mass Update 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, Blanchetters all over the world, today is THE day!

On May 14, 1969 Catherine Elise Blanchett came to this earth! Happy 51th Birthday Cate!!!!

We wish to honor Cate’s birthday with our own longstanding tradition: a massive update of the gallery, aimed to make available to the fandom at large as many contents as possible.

What started as a small updated for less known events, became a monstrous update with over 4000 new pictures added to the gallery. We have also replaced some MQ pictures with HQ ones. Click on every thumbnail to open an updated album (remember to clear your cache and refresh the page before starting).

As many of you know this fansite is run by fans for free, but the amount of pictures stored in the servers has increased their mantainance cost. Please consider supporting the fansite with a donation (scroll down to the button Donate on the right sidebar). We have until August 22 to reach our 400 dollars goal. Thanks for your help.

Without further ado, welcome to the last mass update!





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Mrs. America – Promotional videos and interviews
Posted on
May 11, 2020

Mrs. America – Promotional videos and interviews

Hello Blanchetters!

Quick post to share the lastest promotional videos from Mrs. America and a new interview. Enjoy!


Cate Blanchett opens up about playing an anti-feminist in ‘Mrs. America’ – Full interview here

Cate Blanchett’s new limited-series examines a pivotal moment in American history.

Still, she didn’t expect to see the storyline depicted in FX’s Mrs. America to find such currency as the U.S. and the rest of the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.

The two-time Oscar winner plays conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly in the TV show which dramatizes the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s.

Schlafly, Blanchett says from her home in London, had “a great fear of a strong central government.”

“She found that abhorrent,” Blanchett muses. “And I would argue that in the crisis that we’re living through right now, you do need a strong, cohesive, effective and responsible federal government when you have a national and international crisis.”

«MRS AMERICA» AVEC CATE BLANCHETT: «J’ADORE E?TRE UNE AUTRE QUE MOI!»Full interview (scans in the gallery)

Alors que tous ses projets de tournage sont actuellement a? l’arre?t (en particulier Nightmare Alley, le prochain film de Guillermo del Toro), c’est depuis son lieu de confinement a? Londres, en Angleterre, que l’actrice australienne Cate Blanchett (*) a re?pondu aux questions de notre correspondant. Interview exclusive.

Comment pre?senter «Mrs. America»?
La se?rie suit la vie de plusieurs femmes au de?but des anne?es 1970 lorsqu’une activiste conservatrice, Phyllis Schlafly veut empe?cher la ratification d’un amendement pour garantir l’e?galite? des droits entre les sexes aux E?tats-Unis. C’e?tait une avocate, me?re de famille, qui a de?cide? de combattre les mouvements fe?ministes de l’e?poque pour conserver sa vision de l’unite? familiale et de la femme au foyer. Mrs. America se de?roule il y a cinquante ans et pourtant cette histoire a une grande re?sonance en 2020. Tout est base? sur des faits re?els qui ont e?te? oublie?s par beaucoup d’Ame?ricains et qui sont souvent me?connus a? travers



If Mrs. America seems too sympathetic to Schlafly, it might be because she’s played by Blanchett, an actor who has managed, at some point, to bewitch every camera in the world. Despite knowing little about Schlafly when she took the role, Blanchett (who is also one of the series’ executive producers) embodies her chilly mannerisms perfectly—an anvil disguised as a pastel princess cake. But the show is astute in most of its characterizations, as well as in capturing the interpersonal ego traps and ideological fissures in both mainstream liberal feminism and burgeoning Christian conservatism.

Telltale TV

Blanchett, again, shows her skill with nuanced, split-second reactions. There is so much bottled up in this woman with contradicting morals who is fueled by patriarchal ideals, and Blanchett brings these competing emotions to the surface for us to see, but subtly and briefly, conveying multiple feelings all at once.


Off Topic: the gallery is partially closed for the yearly update: new pictures are coming!

Stateless – Episodes Screencaptures
Posted on
May 6, 2020

Stateless – Episodes Screencaptures

Hello Blanchetters!

We finally make a long awaited update: Stateless screencaptures have been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

Gallery Links:

There is one more video interview that was waiting to be posted and two pictures from the set shared by the amazing Marta Dusseldorf.

Emmy Magazine – Magazines Scans and Photoshoot
Posted on
May 5, 2020

Emmy Magazine – Magazines Scans and Photoshoot

Hello Blanchetters!

We have added to the gallery the newest issue of Emmy Magazine. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes

Video Screencaptures

Mrs. America – Preview, reviews and interviews
Posted on
May 4, 2020

Mrs. America – Preview, reviews and interviews

Hello Blanchetters!

The sixth episode of Mrs. America is just few hours away. Enjoy the preview below.

We have added to the gallery two pictures from the set added on social media few weeks ago – Sources 1, 2

New interviews

The Globe amd the Mail

Cate Blanchett and Stacey Sher on Mrs. America’s tug-of-war between uncomfortable history and good storytelling

In a joint interview this past week with The Globe and Mail, Blanchett and Mrs. America executive producer Stacey Sher spoke about the politics of adaptation.

Now that the series is out there in the world, how do you feel about the critical reaction to it?

Cate Blanchett It’s funny when it’s a very specific period of history, and you think it’s a finite, hermetically sealed investigation. But this is so keyed into issues people are thinking about right now. Not just women, but the grand inequity we have come to tolerate in society.

Stacey Sher We’re thrilled that it’s created a discussion, and I think that it’s funny to look back at the ’70s as a much more inclusive time, at least ideologically, because none of us realized that mainstream Republicans then were pro-ERA and pro-choice. It’s hard to imagine a time when the U.S. political structure wasn’t so polarized, and had real and thoughtful debates.

Blanchett The notion of public discourse being a conversation and discussion, and being able to have long-form nuanced discussions about very important subjects … it doesn’t feel like we have those public platforms any more, as much as social media promised it would be.


Cate Blanchett, con Infobae: “La mayor parte del tiempo vivo como una impostora”

– ¿El trabajo como actriz te lleva a analizar ciertos temas sociales desde afuera, con más objetividad?

– La mayor parte del tiempo vivo como una ‘impostora’ pero es cierto, en cierta forma veo todo desde afuera para reflejar mejor como es la sociedad. De un modo bastante extraño, como una fotógrafa, suelo dar un paso atrás para ver mejor lo que pasa adentro. Es una experiencia que suelo tener arriba del escenario, cuando estoy totalmente concentrada, pero también me doy cuenta que la persona en la fila F se está durmiendo o se enciende la luz de algún teléfono celular. Digamos que cuento con un tercer ojo. Sí, definitivamente.

– ¿Y se puede evitar el mensaje político al momento de abordar en una serie de TV el debate sobre temas sociales tan diferentes como la inmigración y los derechos de la mujer?

– Es muy difícil generar un mensaje que no sea politizado cuando por ejemplo la conversación se basa en la democracia de la mujer. Es una polarización que surge antes de que te des cuenta. Es lo malo de los medios sociales donde todo se reduce a una simple frase. Lo bueno del cine es que trata el lado humano y es lo que tanto me inspira. Cuando tratas con emociones intensas, a veces las palabras fracasan. Y por eso el cine cuenta con un espacio que puede ocupar, mostrando los rostros de la gente, sin la necesidad de una sola palabra. Es también una buena forma de contagiar cuestionamientos que requieren respuestas de apoyo, de todos.


The Nation

Some of my feminist friends think Mrs. America is too sympathetic to Schlafly. I think that impression is largely due to Cate Blanchett’s brilliant performance. She is so beautiful, you want to look at her forever, with a creamy softness lacking in photos of the real-life Schlafly, and she brings a humorous twinkle to Schlafly’s steely self-control as well. Blanchett’s Schlafly is a bit like Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair; it’s fun to watch her scheme her way to the top.

The Sydney Morning Herald

But no one wins here more than Schlafly, brought effortlessly to life by Cate Blanchett. Measuring great performances is an imprecise science, but this feels visceral in an unexpected and surprising way. Blanchett’s track record speaks for itself, but here something else is happening. Every time Blanchett’s Schlafly glides perfectly into the frame, there is simply nowhere else to look.

New University

Blanchett’s portrayal of such a strong-minded, passionate woman is not only spot-on but also adequately resembles the sexist actions and inequitable mentality shown towards women during this historical era.

The Hindu

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett as Schlafly is sublime, and uncomfortably convincing. Blanchett potrays Schlafly with a veneer of calcuated calmness and persistance that makes you squirm in your seats as her blatant hypocrisy is revealed.



LA Times

The cast of Mrs. America on the cover of Emmy Magazine + recent magazines scans
Posted on
May 3, 2020

The cast of Mrs. America on the cover of Emmy Magazine + recent magazines scans

Hello Blanchetters!

The cast of Mrs. America graces the cover of newest issue of Emmy Magazine. The photoshoot, by Robert Ashcroft, dates back to the Winter TCA Tour, as it does the video interview from the set.

From the magazine contents – Full interview here

Right Minded
Cate Blanchett leads a stellar cast in Mrs. America, a look back at the feminist leaders of the ‘70s, their political foes and the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment.

By now, the Equal Rights Amendment was supposed to be history, not news.

The proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution was intended to guarantee equal legal rights for all Americans, regardless of sex. Approved by the House of Representatives in 1971 and by the Senate the following year, it needed to be ratified by 38 states by 1979.

But before that could happen, Phyllis Schlafly stepped in. The story of how the conservative activist defeated the ERA (which has since been revived — and still awaits ratification) is a large part of the story of Mrs. America, the FX on Hulu limited series now streaming on FX on Hulu.

A deep dive into the second wave of feminism (suffragettes were the first), the series challenges assumptions across the political spectrum.

To some, Schlafly (Cate Blanchett) was the enemy, fighting the ERA and other feminist causes. To others, she was a hero: a wife and mother of six whose Eagle Forum promoted traditional values.

From the opening scene — in which Blanchett models an American-flag bikini at a 1971 political fundraiser — viewers may reconsider their opinions of both the woman and the era.

Over nine episodes, the series adds shades of gray to what had been monochromatic views of this history.

“None of us were interested in a piece of advocacy entertainment,” Blanchett says in a Los Angeles studio, where Mrs. America’s principal cast members and producers gathered for their emmy photos. They shared an easy rapport, borne of their five-month shoot in Toronto.

Dahvi Waller, the series’ creator, showrunner, writer and executive producer, recalls early talks with fellow executive producer Stacey Sher, who was determined to present the story “in a nonconfrontational way.” “We have to start talking to each other as humans,” Waller says.

“There is a lot of doctrinaire, binary thinking on both sides,” adds Blanchett, who also served as an executive producer. “These are extremely messy, smart, hilarious women. And we see them from different perspectives. It is interesting to see the contradictions within them.”

Scans will be added as soon as we have them.

As we reported in our last post Cate was on the cover of Sunday Life magazine. We are still looking for the scans, please mail us if you have them.

In the meantime enjoy the most recent magazines scans added to the gallery, featuring interviews promoting Stateless and Mrs. America. Enjoy!

Elle France – April 17th, 2020

People Magazine – May 4th, 2020

Telecable France – May 2nd, 2020

Grazia Italy – April 30th, 2020

Total Film – May 2020

Io Donna Italy – May 3rd, 2020

Yale Photo Pop Up Lecture Serie – Q&A with Cate Blanchett and Gregory Crewdson
Posted on
May 1, 2020

Yale Photo Pop Up Lecture Serie – Q&A with Cate Blanchett and Gregory Crewdson

Hello Blanchetters!

On April 29th, 2020 Cate Blanchett took part at the Yale Photo Pop Up Lecture Serie, a serie of live interviews via Zoom. Here is the interview. Over 1000 persons watched it live.

The screencaptures are not HQ in the (vain) attempt to preserve the image quality. Enjoy!

Mrs. America – New videos, stills and other news
Posted on
Apr 29, 2020

Mrs. America – New videos, stills and other news

Hello Blanchetters!

We had experience a server issue these last two days and we were unable to post. A lot of catching up to do!

The fifth episode of Mrs. America is moments away, and the buzz never stops. Watch it, watch it, watch it!

FX Networks released two new videos featuring Cate Blanchett (spoilers alert!), you can watch them below. We also have new stills, poster and interview/reviews. Enjoy!

Stills & poster

Sources: 1, 2, 3


Cate was on the cover of Sunday Life Magazine three days ago, you can read the interview below

Painting a picture: Cate Blanchett on life in isolation and her role in the gender debate
Cate Blanchett’s new TV series tells the story of American anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly. She talks equality, isolating with the family and vacuuming.

It was late February in Germany but the frigid winter weather didn’t dampen spirits inside the reception honouring an impressive group of Australian films and television series premiering at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. Sunday Life was there to see the Australian ambassador to Germany, Lynette Wood, toast talent that included Cate Blanchett, Jack Thompson, Asher Keddie and Aaron Pedersen.

Cate and her husband, Andrew Upton, had flown in for 48 hours to celebrate the world premiere of her refugee drama series, Stateless, and the background noise about the emergence of COVID-19 was barely a blip on our radars that night. “Maybe we were just too busy having our heads in the sand,” Cate laments as we reconnect on the phone from opposite sides of the world to talk about her upcoming TV series, Mrs. America.

Full interview here

Cate Blanchett Opens Up About Mrs. America and How Feminism Has Changed
“Women are actually sharing their f— ups and failures and fears,” Cate Blanchett says in this week’s issue of PEOPLE

Cate Blanchett is witnessing feminism from a whole different perspective in her latest role as conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly on Mrs. America.

The critically acclaimed FX on Hulu limited series explores the late Schlafly’s (Blanchett) campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that would have guaranteed equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. Schlafly’s efforts are opposed in the series by feminist supports Gloria Steinem (Rose Byrne), Betty Friedan (Tracey Ullman) and Shirley Chisholm (Uzo Aduba).

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Blanchett, 50, shares how she managed to get into character, despite having staunch opposing political views to Schlafly.

“In the end, no matter whether the character only exists in a script form or they’re a real person, I think you have to look at what they do,” the Oscar winner says. “She did a lot of contradictory things. She said a lot of contradictory things. So you allow those contradictions to exist, smash them together and thrust it out to an audience.”

Full interview here

«Mrs. America»: un défi pour l’actrice Cate Blanchett

Qu’avez-vous appris dans vos recherches sur Phyllis Schlafly?

Au départ, Phyllis n’avait pas de problème avec l’amendement pour l’égalité des femmes. Même qu’elle le considérait comme un enjeu politique mineur. Mais lorsqu’elle s’y est intéressée de plus près, elle s’est ravisée. Son amie Alice l’a convaincue des dangers de cet amendement, ce qui l’a menée à croire – à tort – que les femmes devraient s’enrôler dans l’armée. Dans son esprit, le mouvement féministe était associé au communisme.

Elle est devenue une figure de proue du mouvement conservateur…

C’est vrai. Phyllis s’est ralliée une base importante de supporters à la fin des années 1960. Elle produisait un journal nommé The Phyllis Schlafly Report, qu’elle a envoyé pendant des années. Lorsqu’elle s’est intéressée au mouvement pour l’égalité, elle s’est servie de cette publication pour faire campagne. Elle envoyait chaque semaine ses articles à des milliers d’abonnés. Elle avait un pouvoir incroyable.

Full interview here

Cate Blanchett (Mrs. America, Canal+) : “S’occuper de quatre enfants pendant le confinement n’est pas évident”

Télé-Loisirs.fr : Dans Mrs. America, vous jouez le rôle d’une avocate et activiste conservatrice qui se battait contre l’émancipation des femmes. Connaissiez-vous Phyllis Schlafly avant de l’incarner à la télévision ?

Cate Blanchett : J’ai entendu parler d’elle à la télévision oui. J’ai vu qu’elle était souvent traitée avec un profond respect par les membres du Parti républicain qui n’hésitaient pas à lui faire des ovations. J’ai également vu Trump assister à ses funérailles, donc j’étais curieuse de savoir qui était cette femme. J’ai trouvé l’histoire de cette dame vraiment pertinente au moment où les femmes continuent de se battre pour avoir plus de droits et de libertés dans notre société.

Comment êtes-vous entrées dans la peau de ce personnage ?

Je voulais surtout mieux comprendre les années 70 et cette période si particulière pour les femmes. Plus qu’un travail sur l’aspect physique du personnage, j’ai surtout fait des recherches sur la façon de penser de Phyllis, mais aussi sur la manière dont les femmes étaient traitées à cette période-là dans notre société. La fiction m’a demandé beaucoup de travail et de rigueur.

Full interview here

Expresso Portugal


Daily Dot


Live Mint


Seriangolo Italy

In other news Cate Blanchett will be live online today (April 29, 2020) for the Yale Photo Pop Up Lecture Series

Click here for more infos.

Cate Blanchett and Director James Gray Connect on Great Films About Hope
Posted on
Apr 26, 2020

Cate Blanchett and Director James Gray Connect on Great Films About Hope

Hello Blanchetters!

Pandemic is forcing us all to stay home, but there are those that are not so lucky to have one.
Cate Blanchett teams up with The Immigrant director James Gray to talk about great movies, in new video for the serie #Filmsofhope, promoted by the IMDb, to support the UNHCR. Enjoy!

Mrs. America – New promotional material and reviews
Posted on
Apr 22, 2020

Mrs. America – New promotional material and reviews

Hello Blanchetters!

Spoiler alert! Mrs. America‘s fourth episode is now available on streaming platforms or about to be aired on TV. We have added to the gallery the screencaptures of the videos posted last week. Click on the links below.

Gallery Links:

Every video is available on the FX Network channel on Youtube

A new still has been published by LA Times here and other one on People here

From Mrs. America Recap: The Catfight ComethVulture

It also explains why she is hit so hard by the personal comments Phyllis lobs at Betty during the debate. Phyllis, who is losing the debate completely on the merits of her arguments, primarily because her arguments have no merits, attacks Betty personally, alluding to the fact that her husband left her and married a much younger woman. (The way Blanchett pauses just a half-second longer on the word “beauty” when she talks about women losing their beauty, as if to imply that Betty never had beauty to lose, is absolutely wicked.) It’s a total Trump move, and also a move that Phyllis learned from debate prepping with her husband, Fred. (Have you noticed how practically every idea that Phyllis has is something she co-opted from someone else? Because I have.)

New spanish interview with El Correo



Blanchett shines in this unsympathetic role — you can see what a terrific Hedda Gabler she must of been — you want to rip her to shreds yet can’t help but feel sorry that no one listened to her discuss the ways and means of missiles.

The New Yorker

Blanchett’s Schlafly is a pastel nightmare, arch and juicily camp.

Catholic Courier

Vogue Poland


Film Inquiry

If you are into the award season debate, take a look at the article ‘Mrs. America’ and Cate Blanchett are formidable Emmy frontrunners here