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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Trailer

Hey guys,
A trailer has been released for Cates upcoming movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Sadly the trailer is in Spanish, but there is only two voice overs, the rest is just music over the scenes so you can still take a look at it. I love Cate’s hair colour in this film. I’ll let you know when an English version becomes available.

I’m Not There Screen Captures

Hey everyone,
Over 600 screen captures from one of Cates latest movies; I’m Not There, have been added to the gallery. Cate plays a male Jude Quinn / Bob Dylan in the film so don’t be alarmed by her attire, if you haven’t seen the movie!

Coffee and Cigarettes Screen Captures

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your comments on the re-opening. I’m happy that your glad the site is back! Anyway, I’ve screen capped Cates role in the 2003 movie Coffee and Cigarettes in which Cate plays ‘Cate’ and ‘Shelly’.

We’re Back Open!

After a few months downtime Cate Blanchett Fan is back open for business, thanks to the wonderful Gertie! You will notice we have a brand new layout up, I hope you like it! There are also a few new pages here and there and some changes to the old ones. I have loads of images that I need to add to the gallery so make sure you keep checking back. Anyway for now screen captures from Lord of the Rings; Return of the King have been added to the gallery!


The teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been added to the video archive! There isn’t much of Cate but she does appear for a few brief seconds and the trailer looks fantastic so its worth a watch anyway.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Another update dedicated to the new Indi film! I’ve added another still of Cate with costar Shia Labeouf. This doesn’t look like an official still, I think its from a magazine but I thought it would be interesting to look at.