Cate Blanchett talks to The Londoner/The Evening Standard

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Last Monday, Cate Blanchett attended the launch party of the Locksmith’s Primrose Hill animation studio in London. During this event, Cate talked to The Londonner/Evening Standard. Read it below. Thanks to WLC on CBF Chat for sharing the news with us!

Cate gets behind a female trio who plan to shake up film animation

CATE Blanchett has offered her seal of approval to a new London film venture. The Oscar-winning actress was in Primrose Hill last night for the launch of the UK’s first dedicated high-end CG feature animation studio, Locksmith Animation.

The new purpose-built, female-led studio is being fronted by Sarah Smith, Elisabeth Murdoch and Julie Lockhart, pictured left to right. “I’m here because of the amazing women I’m supporting tonight,” Blanchett told The Londoner. “Julie and Sarah have been leading for so long and them linking up with the likes of Liz is not only exciting for audiences but the industry. It’s time we saw women in these positions.”

Who knows, we might be seeing Cate in one of Locksmith’s forthcoming movies. “I’m a huge fan,” she said. “I remember the first time I saw an animation by Disney it blew my mind.”