Mrs. America – Promotional videos and first reviews

Mrs. America – Promotional videos and first reviews

Hello Blanchetters!

The critics’s embargo has been lifted and great reviews are pouring into the net for Cate Blanchett’s newest tv show: Mrs. America.

Fx Networks keeps up on the edge releasing new contents everyday: how long till April 15? Check the official social media to never miss a thing: FacebookTwitterInstagram

Here are the last updates. Enjoy!

Mrs. America | No Fun | FX on Hulu

They weren’t expecting a fight. She gave them one. Watch Mrs. America April 15, exclusively on FX on Hulu.

Posted by Mrs. America on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mrs. America | Power | FX on Hulu

It’s not about equality. It’s about power. Watch Mrs. America April 15, exclusively on FX on Hulu.

Posted by Mrs. America on Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mrs. America | Daughters | FX on Hulu

"…so that we can have a country that we are proud to leave our daughters." Watch Mrs. America April 15, exclusively on FX on Hulu.

Posted by Mrs. America on Thursday, April 2, 2020


The Hollywood Reporter – Full review

In her meatiest role since 2015’s Carol, Blanchett laps up every last self-justifying drop of the contradiction that is Schlafly, a mother of six based in suburban Illinois who wheeled and dealed with Congressmen, traveled widely and wrote ceaselessly to spread her cause and eventually grew a grassroots movement that would put her favored presidential candidate in the Oval Office — all while preaching that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Mrs. America is keenly fascinated by how high a woman can rise while constantly cutting herself off at the knees.

Entertainment Weekly – Full review

Externally, Blanchett is flawless — from her sculpted updo (the wigs in this piece, I tell you!) to her arch and lilting speaking style, the actress has Phyllis Schlafly nailed. But the beauty of Blanchett’s performance is internal; Schlafly was a brilliant strategist, and you can practically see her thinking three steps ahead in every scene.

Little White Lies – Full review

An often infuriating figure who forwarded her own agenda, it would be easy to paint Schlafly as a Wicked Witch of the Midwest. Yet Blanchett plays her with an unshakable conviction and enough cracks in her armour to imbue her with humanity.

BBC Culture – Full review

The show clearly takes the pro-ERA side, and Blanchett does a remarkable job of keeping our attention without encouraging admiration for Schlafly. She adopts a sweet cloying voice and has a permanently fixed smile as she talks about the “libbers”, using the then-common derisive term for the women’s liberation movement. […] Blanchett subtly allows Schlafly to become harder and meaner as she becomes more powerful and power-hungry. But she never loses that frozen smile, placidly absorbing sexism along the way.

Collider – Full review

But it really boils down to Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly, which is understandable given what a fascinating character she is, with all her complications, ambitions and vulnerabilities. While never shying away from Schlafly’s most unpleasant qualities, including her willingness to align with unsavory political allies (like the Ku Klux Klan), Blanchett finds a lot of humanity in a figure who was largely reviled by her generation.

Indiewire – Full review

Blanchett works to sell Schlafly as a loud, brash woman on a misinformation campaign you could connect to today’s political landscape. When she’s called out for her lack of facts, she doesn’t back down but just keeps talking in the hopes that the other person will shut up. The role doesn’t just require a woman who can yell, but one with a controlled anger to her, which Blanchett holds in spades. But she’s just as adept at the smaller scenes that create empathy for the woman. She struggles with her son being gay, not just in terms of how it would blow back on her, but how it fits in with the changes to the movement that would discriminate against the then-undefined LGBTQ community.

Variety – Review

TV Line – Review

Paste magazine – Review

Mrs. America – New stills, previews and international distribution

Mrs. America – New stills, previews and international distribution

Hello Blanchetters!

FX Networks is regaling us with daily gifts paving the way to Mrs. America’s successful debut.

Here we are with two new stills (Source) and the character’s bio. On the same site you can find each episodes’s plot.

A self-described activist housewife from Illinois, Phyllis Schlafly was a conservative firebrand and virulent anti-communist. She had six children, authored several books, and published a popular newsletter. In 1972, she launched a national campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment. She remained active as a commentator for decades, and the ripple effects of her work can still be felt today.

FX Networks released two previews: Second Wave and Fred.

Talking about the international distribution, here is a first, unofficial list, made by us using the sources listed below.

HBO – Spain and Portugal – April 15, 2020

HBO Nordic – Norway – April 15, 2020

Canal + Series – France – April 16,2020

Foxtel – Australia – April 21, 2020

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

To promote the tv show in Australia, Foxtel Magazine relased a new interview with Cate, featuring an old (but gold) photoshoot from 2018 (Variety – Cannes Issue). Enjoy!

The Cate Blanchett Birthday Project 2020

The Cate Blanchett Birthday Project 2020

Hello everyone!!

Are you ready for one more year of celebration?

The Cate Blanchett Birthday Project 2020 is here!

This is an idea created by Eden, a fan from our community. Since 2015, she proposes a set of tasks to express our admiration and say happy birthday to Cate.

In this 6th edition of the project, Eden decided to reunite fans again to celebrate Cate Blanchett’s birthday.

As usual, Cate Blanchett Fan website takes part in supporting this idea.

If you want to join, please read the details below:

This year the project will all be around self-motivation, feminism & success.

Cate Blanchett is a huge inspiration for us all: she teaches us to be brave, to love ourselves, to DO things, to do things with no regrets, to work hard and not to think about what other people say. These are only some minor examples of the things Cate loves sharing with the world.

This year we will make a MOTIVATION BOOK in which we will write:

  • Something Cate motivated you to do and how does the process go
  • Some aspects that changed or influenced the way you think thanks to Cate Blanchett (related to feminism)
  • A special thing you did or contributed to thanks to the motivation Cate Blanchett gave you
  • A story of success that happened to you thanks to the motivation Cate brought into your life

Important points:  

  • You can choose one aspect only
  • The story will be written UP TO 300 WORDS
  • You can (definitely) wish Cate a happy birthday but if you won’t follow the theme of the project you won’t be included!!
  • You can add a small video / photo related
  • The project will be released ONLINE

How does it work?

  • Send an email with your Name, Age & Country
  • Mention in the email if you joined any of the past projects and if yes mention the year
  • Write the aspect you wish to write about
  • Share your project part


  • Keep an appropriate language
  • Protect copywrites
  • The project will be released ONLINE


All projects should arrive until APRIL 10TH, 2020. Send them all to the following address: (the same one from past years).

If you have any questions you can reach Eden by email or her twitter @catelandishere.

Taking part in the project this year + special thanks: Cate Blanchett Daily, Queen Cate, Cate Blanchett Fan, Nelly, Dani, Mari.


  • Who can participate the project? – Everyone who wants to.
  • Can I send a picture of myself with a happy birthday poster? You can include that, but it can’t be instead of the project itself.
  • Can you guarantee Cate will receive the book? – sadly not, but we will try our best to make this work.

Mrs. America – New still, preview and teaser trailer

Mrs. America – New still, preview and teaser trailer

Hello Blanchetters!

FX Network released a new still, the brief preview for the first episode and a new teaser trailer. Enjoy!

The original videos can be watched here


Stateless & Mrs. America – New promotional material

Stateless & Mrs. America – New promotional material

Hello Blanchetters!!

First thing first, we would like to express our virtual closeness to everybody in this difficult time.
Our admins, living in Europe and South America are home and safe, we invite you all to stay home, take care of yourselves and your families. We will overcome this, together, we will.

And now, let’s get down to business.

Three episodes of Stateless were aired during these past weeks. We will post the screencaptures at the end of all episodes.

Meanwhile an unofficial account on Instagram is sharing new pics from the series, the official ABC TV + iview profile gifted us with a new still and some sort of featurette.

View this post on Instagram

The first three episodes of Stateless were directed by the amazing Emma Freeman, who was described by @yvonnestrahovski in the latest issue of Marie Claire as "a beautiful soul, but also such a professional, with a killer instinct." Emma's previous work as a director includes Secret City, @glitchtvofficial, Sisters, Puberty Blues, Tangle, Offspring and Love My Way, and she is currently working on Clickbait. "I felt incredibly passionate to be part of creating Stateless. It felt to me that this was a part of Australian history that would go undocumented or untold. I love projects that shine a light in the dark places and Stateless does that so beautifully. It tells the personal stories of people behind the barbed wire, behind the fence." – @emmafreemanmakesfilms #femalefilmmakerfriday #statelesstv @abctv #cateblanchett @yvonnestrahovski @jaicourtney @asherkeddieofficial

A post shared by Stateless (@statelesstvofficial) on

The official still photographer Ben King, has updated his site sharing one more promotional image of Cate singing.

Netflix has opened their official site for the serie here, and the UNHCR supported the tv series by sharing a small clip of Cate recorded during the Berlin press junket.

Talking about the upcoming tv show starring Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America‘s twitter official account has shared a new teaser with some unseen footage. Another teaser was shared (Battle Lines) but it doesn’t feature new footage.

Please remember that most of the videos shared by FX are geoblocked, so you need a VPN to have access to them.

Take care!

Mrs. America – Posters and new stills

Mrs. America – Posters and new stills

Hello Blanchetters!

Mrs. America gets released in one month on Hulu, FX Network’s chosen streaming platform. The tv series will be made of 9 episodes; IMDb revealed the tile of the first three episodes debutting on April 15, 2020:

1.1 Phyllis

1.2 Gloria

1.3 Shirley

The remaing episodes will be aired from April 22, 2020 to May 27, 2020.

Cate Blanchett plays Phyllis Schlafly, Rose Byrne is Gloria Steinem and Uzo Aduba is Shirley Chisholm.

The network opened the official social accounts and the official site:

Official site

Official Twitter

Official Instagram

The first posters and two new stills have been released by the official channel and the Gazette, while Entertainment Weekly dedicated two pages to the show in their new issue.

The whole cast is scheduled to attend The View on Monday April 6, 2020 (Source), but we don’t know if they will, given the actual epidemic situation.

Stay safe!