Stateless Debuts Today!

Stateless Debuts Today!

Hello Blanchetters!

The wait is over! Stateless will be on air tonight!

The episodes will be also online on the Official site HERE.

From IMDB we know the title and schedule of each episode:

March 1, 2020 – The Circumstances in Which They Come

March 8, 2020 – Incognita

March 15, 2020 – The Right Thing

March 22, 2020 – Run, Sophie, Run

March 29, 2020 – Panis Angelicus

April 5, 2020 – The Seventh Circle

Meanwhile a new short trailer and some footage have been released, while a new poster is new header of ABC Australia on Facebook. We have also replaced the still below with a larger one (delete your cache to see it correctly).

A larger and modified version of the same image as been added into the poster and promotional section, because it was used for the first moving poster, shared weeks ago.

Pictures from the official Instagram accounts of Berlinale

There are also more reviews and interviews with Cate and Elise McCredie

Red carpet and interview at 00:39 here

Red carpet from minute 03:00 here

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70th Berlin International Film Festival – Stateless Premiere

70th Berlin International Film Festival – Stateless Premiere

Hello Blanchetters!

Cate and the cast of Stateless attented the premiere of the first two episodes of the tv series in Berlin, last night.

Here are the first pictures, some videos with fragments form the Stateless panel and press junket, interviews and review. Enjoy!



‘Women are circling the wagons’: Blanchett weighs in on Weinstein verdict

Cate Blanchett’s television series Stateless has emerged as one of the events of the Berlin Film Festival, where the plight of refugees and other displaced people is a dominant theme in a programme of more than 300 films.

Stateless, which tells parallel stories of prisoners and guards at an Australian immigrant detention centre, will screen from next week on the ABC in Australia. Two days ago in Berlin, Netflix announced they had bought it for the rest of the world.

Blanchett, who was a prime mover and executive producer on the series as well as appearing in it, spoke about the series in an on-stage interview at the festival along with co-creators Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie.

“I think a lot of people telling stories – and a lot of people who are not telling stories, but witnessing stories – are bewildered by how, as a species, we have got where we are,” she said. “It was a basic human question: how have we got here?”

Full interview here

“Wir wollen den Menschen ihre Würde zurückgeben”

Cate Blanchett ist Stammgast auf der Berlinale. Die australische Schauspielerin kommt gerne nach Berlin. Diesmal hat sie die sechsteilige Serie “Stateless” dabei – über Menschen, die auf der Flucht alles verloren haben, nicht zuletzt ihre Würde. Von Anna Wollner

rbb|24: Mrs. Blanchett, macht es einen Unterschied, ob man mit einem Film oder einer Serie auf der Berlinale vertreten ist?

Cate Blanchett: Nein, nicht unbedingt. Ich kenne die Berlinale ja von meinen Filmen. Die Erfahrung des bewegten Bildes ist die Gleiche. Das Tolle an der Berlinale ist, dass sie den kleinen Bildschirm genauso wertschätzt wie die große Leinwand. Egal ob Film oder Serie. Hier ist jedes audiovisuelle Medium willkommen.

Fühlen Sie sich im seriellen Erzählen freier als in einem Film?

Wir hatten nicht unbedingt mehr Drehtage, wir hatten nicht so viel Geld. Es war alles sehr eng getaktet. Was aber das Erzählen an sich angeht, haben wir lange überlegt, ob wir einen Film oder eine Serie machen wollen. In unseren Recherchen haben wir so viel Erfahren, von soviel Leid gehört, dass wir möglichst viel davon abbilden wollten. Die Idee vom Film haben wir schnell verworfen. Eigentlich waren auch nur vier Folgen angedacht, am Ende sind es sechs geworden.

Full interview here

Drama Quaterly

First review here (we are not posting it to avoid spoilers)

70th Berlin International Film Festival – Stateless Photocall

Hello Blanchetters!

Cate Blanchett, Elise McCredie and Tony Ayres attented the Stateless Photocall earlier today. Enjoy the first pictures!

70th Berlin Film Festival – Talents Table Talk – New pictures and interviews

70th Berlin Film Festival – Talents Table Talk – New pictures and interviews

Hello Blanchetters!

Few more pics from February 24 and a new interviews. Enjoy!

‘Stateless’: Cate Blanchett Reveals Why TV Is The Perfect Medium For Her Netflix-Acquired Refugee Drama

Blanchett and co-creator Tony Ayres spoke to Deadline about the six-part series before heading to Berlin. We also caught up with Matchbox managing director Alastair McKinnon separately. The interviews are weaved together below, and edited for length and clarity.

DEADLINE: What was the starting point for the series? It has been reported Cornelia Rau was some inspiration after she was unlawfully detained in Australia.

BLANCHETT: The conversation began not with any particular story, but with the immigration detention stories and the transformation of public conversation around that. That was the backdrop and the atmosphere in which we began wanting to work together. It’s not based on any one person’s experience; there’s been a painstaking amount of research, including scores of people that she [writer Elise McCredie] spoke to and my experience with the UNHCR.

AYRES: We wanted to talk about a whole system, rather than just a single experience, but did gather a whole range of stories including stories of guards, bureaucrats, journalists, and from there we started weaving together the patchwork quilt that became the show.

DEADLINE: Cate, has your work with the UN given this project additional resonance?

BLANCHETT: Yes, we started talking in 2013 and I started working for UNHCR in 2014. I started working with them on the issue of statelessness. The title of the series refers to statelessness in a more poetic sense, not in a legal, physical sense. It’s more about identity and the loss of people’s identity when they are faced with long-term detention, when they become a number, when they are dislocated from markers in their life like home and culture, and separated from their families. That’s something I very viscerally felt speaking to stateless people and refugees in the field.

And so, in the series, we extrapolate out that sense of statelessness to a poetic reality. Anyone who comes into contact with an immigration system at the moment, whether it’s in Australia or Europe, or the rhetoric around building a wall in America, it is slightly maddening. The series started to crystalize for us because of the obvious traumas of people in long-term detentions and people fleeing from trauma when there are no safe, legal pathways to do so.

What was perhaps more hidden for us was the experience of the bureaucrats and the guards who also come in contact with that system, who experience PTSD and dislocation from their sense of humanity. It’s when we start to fold those experiences into the story that it really came to life.

In a literal sense, a stateless person is someone who doesn’t have a nationality in any country in the world. They don’t have a legal identity, which has obvious consequences on their ability to enjoy basic human rights. What we’re talking about is people who are poetically dislocated from their identity and therefore, their humanity.

Full interview here

Cate Blanchett on Harvey Weinstein: Industry Must ‘Move Forward Without Repetition’

Cate Blanchett has spoken out about Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, urging the industry to move forward and ensure a new culture is established, particularly around gender parity in off-screen roles.

“I think it’s about moving forward, and moving forward without repetition and with genuine progress,” Blanchett told Variety at the Berlinale Series Market on Wednesday, where she was discussing her new Australian series “Stateless” — one of eight series screening in the Berlin Film Festival’s TV sidebar.

“I don’t think anyone involved in the Weinstein case — and the myriad of cases not just in our industry but in every single industry, whether they are sexual or otherwise — no one is interested in vengeance, they’re interested in justice and genuine change.”

Blanchett said she had already seen tangible change in the film industry since the #MeToo movement was catapulted to the forefront of public discourse on inequality and female empowerment, shortly after accusations around Weinstein’s predatory behavior emerged in 2017.

“I think women in the film industry — and I use the film industry as an exemplar, not as an exception — have for far too long been separated from one another, and I’ve noticed a way in which some lines between women who are creating work have deepened — circling the wagons not in an exclusive sense but just being more open about roadblocks or difficulties or moments of failure.”

Full interview here

70th Berlin Film Festival – Talents Table Talk – Additional Pictures

70th Berlin Film Festival – Talents Table Talk – Additional Pictures

Hello Blanchetters!

We have added almost 60 new images to Talents Table Talk – Places Like Home, attended by Cate Blanchett yesterday. There is also a short video. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett in Agenda 2020 book

Cate Blanchett in Agenda 2020 book

Hello everyone!

Few days ago, it was announced that Cate Blanchett is among the inspirational women featured in AGENDA 2020 book, the result of a project partnership between photographer Danielle Harte and journalist Sandra Sully.

AGENDA 2020 book aims to celebrate women with black & white portraits and getting to know more about 14 remarkable leading women in Australia. Beyond that, the book also seeks to find out what Australian women want and what they believe needs to change to achieve an EQUAL world.

Cate Blanchett looks divine! Take a look at few images shared on social media.

View this post on Instagram

? A G E N D A 2020 Book…It’s finally here! . ? I’m extremely honoured to share with you some of my latest photography work featuring black & white portrait’s of 14 empowering Australian women. ? Partnered with Australia’s leading Television Presenter/Journalist Sandra Sully @shortblack who seeks to find out #EachforEqual What Australian women want, what they believe needs to change and how we can progress in an EQUAL & ENABLING world. ?Publisher and visionary Phil Harte @philharte has created this remarkable and unique opportunity bringing together our many like minded partners, realising AGENDA 2020. ? Special thanks must also go to Wingwoman & Lightning guru @wadedphoto & Graphic Design expert @popmart101 for always lifting the bar above & beyond. AGENDA 2020 will enjoy a series of launch events @hyattregencysydney @mcg The Long Room @room81 during International Women’s Week ?from March 1-8. . Many thanks to @canonaustralia @commbank @qantas @audiaustralia @tinaarena @cate_blanchettofficial @deltagoodrem @marita_cheng @edwinamccann @laurenparker2127 @ellyseperry @angiescarthjohnson @shahrouksisters @josephinesukkar @cyanctaeed @heytigerco @katejenkinssdc @cate_campbell #photography #blackandwhitephotography #portraitphotography #book #women #2020IWD #strong #igdaily #inspirational #empoweringwomen

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The book is set to have a series of launch events during International Women’s Week ?from March 1-8.

As soon as we get more information about it, including know where to buy it, we will update this article.
To download the first images of Cate Blanchett in Agenda 2020 book, visit our gallery!