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  1. I recently read an article in the independent news paper that you consider people like me .. one of those people who helped set in motion the exit from the European Union INCOMPETENT is that true ? If so I’d like to hear The basis on which you make your claim… coming from someone who doesn’t live in Great Britain I’d like to know what makes you think you have the right to comment on decisions being made about a country that’s not your own. Just ( friendly Advice ) keep out of my country’s affairs and and please concentrate on your own issues.

  2. Hello.
    By any chance, do u know where can I find the full version of the short movie Red(2017), with Cate Blanchett?
    Thank u very much.
    Ioana Tiberian

  3. Kedves Cate!
    Judith vagyok Budapeströl.
    Még mindig az gondnok,ügyintézö vagyok ahol forgatták volna a lépcsös jelenetet.?Annyira várom hogy megint jöjjön Magyarországra,hisz borzaszto,volt a tudat,hogy nem a házunkban forgat!Ami nekünk,nekem csak egy álom maradt,hog láthassam akár egy pillanatra is.

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