Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories featuring Cate Blanchett for W

Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories featuring Cate Blanchett for W

Hello Blanchetters!

We have just found out a brand new documentary featuring some unseen footage.
A quick recap: back in 2016 W Magazine, for its yearly Oscar issue commissioned the cover photoshoot to the great Peter Lindbergh. The famous photographer has filmed the creative process and released it in two different videos.

This Febrary, during the last Berlin Film Festival a new documentary dedicated to Peter Lindberg was amongst the competition: Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories.

In the documentary’s trailer there are few seconds of new footage from that Best Performance editorial from 2016.

The feature opened in Germany on May 30. There aren’t any news of a possible distribution outside Germany.

Interview, Beauty Papers and Von – Magazine Scans (and some pics)

Interview, Beauty Papers and Von – Magazine Scans (and some pics)

Hello Blanchetters, a long awaited post!

We had purchased and scanned the last three magazine featuring a brand new photoshoot with Cate Blanchett. Meanwhile we have also found some pics to add in the photoshoot section. (Remeber to clear your cache to see the updated pics)

Interview Magazine – March 2019

Behind the scenes

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Beauty Papers


Promotional videos focused on each characther

Ellen Von Unwerth’s VON

Photoshoot and Behind the scenes

BTS source: Von’s Insta

First pictures form the set of Stateless

First pictures form the set of Stateless

Hello dear Blanchetters!

Cate is currently filming Stateless in Adelaide, Australia! The first pictures from the set came out yesterday, enjoy!

UPDATES: News on Mrs. America and Stateless series starring Cate Blanchett

UPDATES: News on Mrs. America and Stateless series starring Cate Blanchett

Hey Blanchetters!

Things are pretty quiet in Cateland right?
But we had quite the week with Cate’s 50th birthday. So many beautiful messages and actions from the fans!

During the past few weeks some news became available on the two new series projects Cate is attached to.
Firstly, we have the CBS / FX Network mini series Mrs. America where Cate will play Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative woman who helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment initiative that would guarantee the equal rights of women (USA).

Blanchett is also in executive production of this limited series and she will be joined by stars James Marsden, Sarah Paulson, Uzo Aduba (as Shirley Chisholm), Rose Byrne (as Gloria Steinem), Margo Matindale (as Bella Abzug), Tracey Ullman (as Betty Friedan), Kayli Carter, Ari Graynor, Melanie Lynskey, John Slattery and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

“I am extremely excited about delving into the material as there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to peel back the layers of this recent period of history, which couldn’t be more relevant today,” Blanchett said in a statement.

Created by Dahvi Waller, the series has a nine-episode arc and the production is set to start this year, with filming from 19th June until November 1st in Toronto, Canada.

Cate will have a busy second semester! She is also going to produce an Australian TV Series.

Stateless is a new TV series about immigration detention in Australia co-created by Cate Blanchett, Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie. Cate will star in the series and, alongside with Andrew Upton, will also act as executive producer of this Australian Broadcasting Corporation limited series.

McCredie and Belinda Chayko are writing the series that will be directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker) and Emma Freedman.

Blanchett said while the story was focused on Australia, it explored global themes: “The desire for personal freedom, the need for social stability, an escalating lack of faith in the political process and the deeply unsettling impact this has on individual lives.”

The cast also includes Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale), Dominic West (The Affair), Rachel House, Jai Courtney, Clarence Ryan, Fayssal Bazzi, Claude Jabbour, Rose Riley, Kate Box, Helana Sawires and Asher Keddie.

Inspired by real events, Stateless tells the story of four strangers in an Australian immigration centre: an airline hostess leaving a cult, an Afghan refugee escaping persecution, a father saddled with a dead-end job, and a bureaucrat steeped in a national scandal.

Stateless is expected to air on the ABC in 2020 , it will be distributed worldwide by NBCUniversal. Production is set to begin in June.

Stay tuned!!!

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show – Additional Pictures

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show – Additional Pictures

Hello Blanchettrs, the gallery has been update with more pictures from the last event Cate attended: the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show. Candids and the official portraits have been added as well. Enjoy!

Source: Instagram

Happy 50th Birthday Cate!

Happy 50th Birthday Cate!

Hello Blanchetters!

Today is the day: Cate Blanchett’s 50th birthday!
We would like to share our heartfelt wishes to out favourite actress, a model in many artistic fields, a paladin to noble causes and an environmental supporter.

In the spirit of this fansite, maintened by fans for fans, we have decided to published our remain unshared contents, realizing a series of mass posts every few weeks, to continue the celebration of such an important milestone.

And as a special gift to celebrate Cate’s birthday we have found out the first movie she ever did: Police Rescue (1994). You can watch below a clip with Cate’s scenes.

We are also launching our newsletter today. You can join by adding your email to the form (sidebar).

We also would would like to announce that CBF Team is now growing with 3 new members based on Australasia!
That said, we ask for your support, the respect of this work, and, if you want, donations to help the site.

To Mrs. Blanchett, once again, our deepest and most sincere Happy Birthday!!

Public Events (2000-2013): almost all the MQ pictures in the gallery have been replaced with HQ pictures (clear the cache to see them). 24 new events added to the gallery plus over 2500 addictional pictures to previous albums. Enjoy!