Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

Cate Blanchett as: Queen Elizabeth I
Directed by: Shekhar Kapur
Selected Cast: Clive Owen, Geoffrey Rush, Jordi Mollà, Samantha Morton, Abbie Cornish & Rhys Ifans
Written by: William Nicholson & Michael Hirst
Release Year: 2007
Genre: Biography / Drama / History / Romance
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Two faiths, two empires, two rulers – colliding in 1588. Papist Spain wants to bring down the heretic Elizabeth. Philip is building an armada but needs a rationale to attack. With covert intrigue, Spain sets a trap for the Queen and her principal secretary, Walsingham, using as a pawn Elizabeth’s cousin Mary Stuart, who’s under house arrest in the North. The trap springs, and the armada sets sail, to rendezvous with French ground forces and to attack. During these months, the Virgin Queen falls in love with Walter Raleigh, keeping him close to court and away from the sea and America. Is treachery or heroism at his heart? Does loneliness await her passionate majesty?

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Quotes from Cate Blanchett

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Quotes from Others

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Quotes from her Character

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Are you here to tell me I must murder a Queen?”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “I would never presume to tell my Queen what to do. Only you know where your duty lies.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Was it my father’s duty to murder my mother? She was a Queen, for a time. Oh, I would be loath to die such so bloody a death.”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “Since when were you so afraid?”
Queen Elizabeth I: “I’m always afraid.”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “Kill a Queen and all Queens are mortal. We mortals have many weaknesses: we feel too much, hurt too much, all too soon we die, but we do have the chance of love.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Do we? I have given England my life. Must she also have my soul?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Go back to your rathole! Tell Philip I fear neither him, nor his priests, nor his armies. Tell him if he wants to shake his little fist at us, we’re ready to give him such a bite he’ll wish he’d kept his hands in his pockets!”
Don Guerau De Spes: “You see a leaf fall, and you think you know which way the wind blows. Well, there is a wind coming, Madame, that will sweep away your pride.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “I, too, can command the wind, sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare when you dare to try me!”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Give me hope.”
Dr. John Dee: “The forces that shape the world are greater than all of us, Majesty. How can I promise that they’ll conspire in your favor even though you’re the Queen? Yhis much I know, when the storm breaks, some are dumb with terror and some spread their wings like eagles and soar.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “You are a wise man.”
Dr. John Dee: “And you, Madame, are a very great lady.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “By God, England will not fall while I am Queen.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Spain intends to place Mary Stuart on our country’s throne, and I am to be assassinated. Does this sound familiar?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “How many Catholics are there in England, sir?”
Cabinet Minister #1: “Immense numbers, Majesty.”
Cabinet Minister #2: “Half the nation cling to the old superstitions.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “What would you have me do? Hang half the people in England, or just imprison them?”
Cabinet Minister #2: “We must act, Majesty! Our inaction is perceived as weakness!”
Queen Elizabeth I: “If my people break the law, they shall be punished. Until that day, they shall be protected.”
Cabinet Minister #1: Majesty, we have proven reason to fear every Catholic in the…”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Fear creates fear. I am not ignorant of the dangers, sir. But I will not punish my people for their beliefs. Only for their deeds. I am assured that the people of England love their Queen. My constant endeavor is to earn that love.”

• Sir Francis Walsingham: “Forgive me, Your Majesty, I have failed you.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “How have you failed me? What am I to forgive you for?”
Sir Francis Walsingham: “Phillip of Spain is a God-fearing man who cannot declare war without a just cause. I intercepted every letter Mary Stuart secretly dispatched, but failed to see Spain knew I was reading them. They waited for her to write the words that in my eyes would confirm her treason. Forgive me. I am trapped in my own web.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “And I ordered Mary’s execution. I murdered God’s anointed Queen. And now God’s most dutiful son makes Holy War to punish me.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “We shall have to look out a husband for you soon, Bess.”
Elizabeth Throckmorton: “Not too soon, my lady.”
Sir Francis Walsingham: “There are husbands to be had.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Don’t you want to be married?”
Elizabeth Throckmorton: “I’ll want the marriage if I want the man.”

• Sir Christopher Hatton: “Be warned by the atrocities in France! God-fearing Christians murdered by Papist cut-throats inflamed by hatred of the truth!”
Lord Howard: We know the Catholics take their orders from Spain. The Spanish speak openly of Mary Stuart as Queen of England in waiting.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Mary Stuart is a Queen cast out by her own ungrateful nation.”
Sir Christopher Hatton: “With respect, Majesty – a Catholic Queen. Your loyal Protestant supporters don’t understand why Mary Stuart lives under our protection at our expense. Very considerable expense.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Mary Stuart is my cousin. She is our guest. And she is under our control.”
Lord Howard: But while she lives, Majesty, she is a beacon that draws our enemies’ eyes and hopes.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “While she lives?”
Sir Christopher Hatton: “She is the poison at the heart of England. The poison must be cut out.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “You’d have me make a martyr of her. What is her crime?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “We all know that if I fall you all come tumbling down with me.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “May we have wisdom not to fear shadows in the night, and courage when the day of danger truly dawns.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “My loving people. We see the sails of the enemy approaching. We hear the Spanish guns over the water. Soon now, we will meet them face-to-face. I am resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die amongst you all. While we stand together no invader shall pass. Let them come with the armies of Hell; they will not pass! And when this day of battle is ended, we meet again in heaven or on the field of victory.”

• Sir Francis Walsingham: “Mary Stuart must die!”
Queen Elizabeth I: “MUST? Mary Stuart must die? Where is written? Who says so? Have I ordered it?”
Sir Francis Walsingham: “Majesty, this is no time for mercy.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Don’t preach at me, old man!”

• Sir Walter Raleigh: “We have named it Virginia, after our Virgin Queen.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “‘Virginia’? And when I am married, will you rename it to ‘Conjugia’?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “In some other world, in some other time, could you have loved me?”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “I know only one world and in this world, I have loved you.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “There’s something you could do for me – something I have not known for a very long time. But it’s not to be spoken of afterwards. It must be forgotten. But just for now, a kiss? I die.”

• Sir Walter Raleigh: “Forgive me, Majesty, my horse doesn’t seem to know his place yet.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Have you ever known your place, Mr. Raleigh?”

• Sir Walter Raleigh: “I think it must be hard for so great a Queen to know the simple pleasure of being liked for herself.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Now you grow dull.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I will not be a toy of the fates! Have I not faced an assassin’s bullet and lived?”

• Sir Christopher Hatton: “An Austrian alliance would keep France quiet.”
Sir Francis Walsingham: “And put Philip on a leash.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “I’ve become almost enthusiastic. Send for him.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “How much longer do you think I can play this game, Francis?”
Sir Francis Walsingham: “Virginity is an asset that holds its value well.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “You play the game very well, my young friend. But don’t you sometimes feel an overwhelming desire to say what you’re really thinking?”
Archduke Charles: “I daren’t even think what I’m really thinking.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I have a secret, my dear. I pretend there’s a pane of glass between me and them. They can see me, but they cannot touch me. You should try it.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Do we discover the New World or does the New World discover us?”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “You speak like a true explorer.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I cannot accept the fruits of piracy, Mr. Raleigh.”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “Philip of Spain is no friend of England, Majesty. The more gold I take from him, the safer you will be.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Well, well – a political pirate.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I suspect him of being a professional charmer. Am I right?”
Elizabeth Throckmorton: “He is certainly charming, my lady.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Well, there are duller professions. You like him, don’t you?”
Elizabeth Throckmorton: “He’s a man that lives in a world far beyond the court. It’s refreshing.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Well, we shall let him come again.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “More lines on my face. Where do they come from?”
Elizabeth Throckmorton: “Smile lines, my lady.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Smile lines? When do I ever smile?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “The volta, I require all my ladies to learn it.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I like your immensities. Your ocean is an image of Eternity, I think. Such great spaces make us small. Do we discover the New World, Mr. Raleigh, or does it discover us?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “I’ve heard it’s customary to have a husband before producing an heir.”

• Don Guerau De Spes: “Excuse me, Your Majesty. The air has become stale. I am sensitive to the smell of an open sewer.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “I cannot accept the fruits of piracy, Mr. Raleigh.”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “Philip of Spain is no friend of England, Majesty. The more gold I take from him, the safer you will be.”

• Sir Walter Raleigh: “You like your ladies to jump at your command?”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Do you think that way? To tell you the truth, I’m very very tired of always being in control.”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “Nonsense!”
Queen Elizabeth I: “What?”
Sir Walter Raleigh: “You eat and drink control.”
Queen Elizabeth I: “Is that so?”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “Male desire confers no distinction.”

• Queen Elizabeth I: “My bitches wear my collars! ”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in England, UK and Scotland, UK (view all.)

• Won Oscar. Another 4 wins & 13 nominations (view all.)

• Also known as ‘The Golden Age’.

• Cate starred in the movie Elizabeth (1998) with Geoffrey Rush as well.

• Cate has also starred in several plays with Geoffrey Rush.

• Geoffrey Rush also narrated the film Oscar and Lucinda (1997).

• Cate also starred in the movie The Shipping News (2001) with Rhys Ifans.

• Film insiders revealed that Cate shaved her hairline to recreate the dramatic look from her Oscar-nominated performance in Elizabeth. As well as this Cate bleached her eyebrows and eyelashes – and caked on layers of white make-up to lighten her naturally pale complexion.

• The words Mary, Queen of Scots, mouths before being executed are “I forgive you with all my heart”, said to be her last words, spoken to the executioner when he asked her forgiveness.

• Release prints were delivered to theaters with the fake title ‘Minelli’.

• To save money on building replicas, only one ship was built. It was Raleigh’s English vessel on one side and a Spanish galleon on the other side. When filming wide shots of the deck that might reveal the difference, they used smoke in the scene to cover up any separation in design.

• Director Shekhar Kapur filmed Elizabeth’s personal time (bathing, bedroom) in circular sets to reflect the infinite questioning of her mind, aspiring to a different kind of freedom and exploration. In contrast, he filmed Elizabeth’s professional moments (throne room, etc.) in rectangular rooms that enclosed her where you could see straight walls and corners.

• Shekhar Kapur, felt that color should reveal the internal life of the characters. Alexandra Byrne (costume designer) did not want to use blue on Elizabeth since it was not a color of that period. But Shekhar insisted because he felt that blue was the color of yearning and aspiring and he wanted to portray Elizabeth as yearning to be divine and immortal. Likewise, he conveyed the close relationship of Elizabeth and Elizabeth Throckmorton (Bess) by showing them in similar colors/gown styles and as their relationship separates, the colors are contrasting and even clashing.

• In the film, when Elizabeth arrives at St. Paul’s Cathedral there is construction going on that demonstrates part of the Golden Age of her reign. In real life, St. Paul’s actually needed repair work done. Director Shekhar Kapur decided to improvise and gave costumes to the actual workers and period-accurate tools to cut real stone that was being installed in the cathedral. They are not actors, but really are masons and construction workers.