Oscar and Lucinda (1997)

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Cate Blanchett as: Lucinda Leplastrier
Directed by: Gillian Armstrong
Selected Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Ciarán Hinds, Tom Wilkinson & Richard Roxburgh
Written by: Peter Carey & Laura Jones
Release Year: 1997
Genre: Drama / Romance
MPAA Rating: R

In mid-1800’s England, Oscar is a young Anglican priest, a misfit and an outcast, but with the soul of an angel. As a boy, even though from a strict Pentecostal family, he felt God told him through a sign to leave his father and his faith and join the Church of England. Lucinda is a teen-aged Australian heiress who has an almost desperate desire to liberate her sex from the confines of the male-dominated culture of the Australia of that time. She buys a glass factory and has a dream of building a church made almost entirely of glass, and then transporting it to the Australian Outback. Oscar and Lucinda meet on a ship going to Australia; once there, they are for different reasons ostracized from society, and as a result “join forces” together. Oscar and Lucinda are both passionate gamblers, and Lucinda bets Oscar her entire inheritance that he cannot transport the glass church to the Outback safely…

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Quotes from Cate Blanchett

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Quotes from Others

Ralph Fiennes
“She was also quietly perceptive, with a great sense of humor.”

“And if you hear a certain actor is going to be playing a part, that’s often a temptation. Like, it was fantastic working with Cate Blanchett. I saw a test she did, and she blew me away.”

Quotes from her Character

• Lucinda: “You will preach what you do not believe to men who do not care.”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in England, UK & Australia (view all.)

• Nominated for Oscar. Another 9 wins & 5 nominations (view all.)

• Cate starred in the movie Thank God He Met Lizzie (1997) with Richard Roxburgh as well.

• Cate starred in the play Uncle Vanya (2010 & 2011) with Richard Roxburgh as well.

• Geoffrey Rush narrates this film and he starred in the movies Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) with Cate as well.

• Cate has also starred in several plays with Geoffrey Rush.

• Cate also starred in the movie Veronica Guerin (2003) with Ciarán Hinds.

• Cate beat out Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet and Meg Ryan for the role everyone wanted.

• Ralph Fiennes was the primary reason Cate was cast in this film. After seeing the screen test of hers, he fought and convinced Gillian Armstrong to make the choice of a lesser known actor from more established actors.