Heartland (1994)
Plot Outline
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Mini Series: 8 episodes
Cate Blanchett as: Elizabeth Ashton

Directed by: Kate Woods

Written by: John Cundill, Ernie Dingo

Original Airdate: 1994 (Australia)
Genre: Drama
Filming locations: Australia

The Aboriginal girl was killed in such a horrific way that the remote Australian town of Brooklyn Waters was reeling. The person in custody is the last one anyone would suspect. Pulled into this web of death, deceit and tribal culture are police officer Vincent Burunga and Beth Ashton, a young radio producer.

As the murder investigation uncovers disturbing questions about the community, tensions are rising, along with growing passion between Beth and the troubled cop. Their journey to find the truth about the murder and about each other will take them deep into the Australian outback. What they discover there is the burning torch that threatens to set the deeply divided town ablaze.

Trivia & Facts
• Also known as ‘Burned Bridge’.