If you would like to send Cate some fanmail, feel free to try the two address below. Please remember that we can not guarantee that Cate will receive your letter or that she will reply if she does. Mrs Blanchett is a very busy lady, so respect that please.

Cate Blanchett
Wolf-Kasteler Public Relations
335 North Maple Drive
Suite 351
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3857

Cate Blanchett
RGM Associates
PO Box 128
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

7 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Dear Cate,

    My girlfriend is your biggest fan. She has your photos everywhere on her walls, desktop, phone you name it. I want to surprise her on her birthday and i would really love it if you can send me a video with your wishes on my email. You know, you would make my dah and hers especially. She and i have been tour number one fans since ever. I would reaaaaly appreciate it if you could make my vision and her dream come true. Her name is katy and we have been together for over 5 years. Kindly try your best to send me a small video and i would forever be grateful.



    1. I’m sorry to remind, once again, that this is a FAN site, with don’t have any contacts with Cate Blachett or her managment.

  2. Dear Kate
    I have written to your addresses in Australia and London. This is a pleading letter Cate if you would sponsor my husband and myself to enable us to live in Australia to see our granddaughter Sadie grow up.
    We lived in Australia for a time on a subclass 173 visa but my daughter Kerry McClelland did not meet the criteria by the Australian government to be able to sponsor us both. I cannot begin to tell you Cate how we felt Cate – we absolutely devastated that we had to come back to the UK
    My daughter couldn’t sponsor because her earnings were not enough – she went self employed
    We do not expect you to pay out any moneys Cate as we will pass the money to you to pay centre link as we are self sufficient. Could you ask one of your staff to download the sponsor form 40 from the internet and once filled in forward form to me and I will send it with my form 47PT for a contributory parent permanent subclass 143 visa. Please please Cate can you help I am begging you.
    I get upset on a daily basis not seeing Sadie and find life very difficult without her. If you can do this for is Cate you will make us as grandparents very very happy. My phone number is 07437355902 My address is 1 Bader Road, Perton Wolverhampton, wv6 7uy England. My name is Eve McClelland and husband Brian McClelland

    Kind regards
    Eve McClelland

  3. Dear Ms Blanchett, I have not met you, but this is personal. My total sweetheart friend, Uncle Jackie Charles gave me a detailed briefing about how he was treated by you. ‘Deeply respectful & kind’ was his summary. I thank you for giving power to him that made it so much easier for him when it was time to say NO. House keeping: I swear that I will never fucking forget that you won an Oscar. Lastly (4 your amusement) some years ago I was ‘duty bound’ to shred someone verbally for the treasonous suggestion that you had overacted in Crystal Skulls: I vont to know sequence. They are unlikely to say anything so bloody silly again. Peter L. McMahon, North Fitzroy, Marvellous Melbourne.

  4. Good day, my name is Andrew Sebesta from Czech Republic. Could you send on my email any contact on Cate Blanchet, please?
    Thank you

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