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How To Train You Dragon 3 – News and Promotion

How To Train You Dragon 3 – News and Promotion

Hello dear Blanchetters!
2018 is almost ended and 2019 is about to start in the best way. How? With Cate coming back to cinemas! How to Train You Dragon 3 is opening in cinemas starting from January 3 (Australia). The US release has been also moved up a week: the animated feature will open on February 22.
The promotion is goign on in full swing, no premiere date has been set yet, but we’ll keep you posted.
The only picture of Cate is a behind the scenes taken at the recording studio where she was dubbing Valka, Hiccup’s mother. You can hear her in these clips below! Enjoy!

Release info (might be incomplete) – Source

Australia 3 January 2019
Indonesia 9 January 2019
Norway 11 January 2019
Netherlands 16 January 2019
Brazil 17 January 2019
Colombia 17 January 2019
Finland 25 January 2019
Turkey 25 January 2019
South Korea 30 January 2019
Argentina 31 January 2019
Denmark 31 January 2019
Hong Kong 31 January 2019
Italy 31 January 2019
Singapore 31 January 2019
Bulgaria 1 February 2019
UK 1 February 2019
Ireland 1 February 2019
Mexico 1 February 2019
Romania 1 February 2019
South Africa 1 February 2019
France 6 February 2019
Poland 15 February 2019
Germany 21 February 2019
Hungary 21 February 2019
Portugal 21 February 2019
Russia 21 February 2019
Slovakia 21 February 2019
Ukraine 21 February 2019
Spain 22 February 2019
Sweden 22 February 2019
USA 22 February 2019
Pakistan 1 March 2019
Lithuania 8 March 2019
Belgium June 2019

Poster, trailer and promotional videos

New trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

New trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

Hey Everyone!

A new trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World has been released! Cate Blanchett is back as Valka in the movie franchise. Take a look!

The movie is set to premiere 22 February 2019 in the US.

First poster to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

First poster to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Hello everyone!

The first post for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has arrived! Cate Blanchett plays Valka in this animation franchise.

Click on the image to download the HQ version available in the gallery

The trailer will be released next week and the film opens in theaters March 1, 2019. Read the synopsis below:

From DreamWorks Animation comes the highly anticipated culmination of one of the most popular animated franchises in film history, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD. What began as an unlikely friendship between an adolescent Viking and a fearsome Night Fury dragon has become an epic trilogy spanning their lives. In this next chapter, Hiccup and Toothless will finally discover their true destinies: the village chief as ruler of Berk alongside Astrid, and the dragon as leader of his own kind. As both ascend, the darkest threat they’ve yet faced—as well as the appearance of a female Night Fury—will test the bonds of their relationship like never before.

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‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ Title Revealed

‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ Title Revealed

Hello everyone!

Vanity Fair has revelead the official title for the third film of the How to train your dragon franchise. Read it below.

The third film in the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise has been christened.

In advance of a special sneak peek of the film at this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, DreamWorks Animation has announced that part three will be entitled “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.” The film is billed as the series’ culmination and will hit theaters in 2019. The voice cast includes Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson.

Attendees to the festival will learn more about the making of the film as part of an extended presentation on DreamWorks Animation’s films and the work of “How to Train Your Dragon” director Dean DeBlois. The presentation will take place on June 14 in the festival’s main venue, the Bonlieu Theater.

“As well as being a major artist, Dean DeBlois is a longtime friend of Annecy,” Marcel Jean, artistic director of the Annecy Film Festival, said in a statement. “We are excited to welcome him this year and present his work in a context that will emphasize his great talent. ‘The How to Train Your Dragon’ franchise is closely linked to our festival and this is why we are eager to offer our audience the chance to preview footage from the film.”


F. Murray Abraham To Get Evil For DreamWorks Animation’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’

F. Murray Abraham To Get Evil For DreamWorks Animation’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’

Good evening! The first news in a long time for How To Train Your Dragon 3, the animated saga started in 2010, where Cate Blanchett voices Hiccup’s mother, Valka. The third and final movie of the saga will be released in March 2019. If some of you is new to the fandom, go watch the movie and check the gallery here, here and here.

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-winning Amadeus actor F. Murray Abraham will play the villain Grimmel in DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon 3, which is set to conclude the story arc established by the first two movies about young viking Hiccup and Night Fury dragon Toothless.
Universal is releasing the third title March 1, 2019, with Abraham joining Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Kit Harrington, Cate Blanchett in the toon from writer-director Dean DeBlois. Bonnie Arnold and Brad Lewis are producing.

We hear Abraham’s voice test cinched the casting: Animators put his voice from his other titles against his animated persona, and it was a perfect fit. Abraham won’t be donning a Scottish accent, rather a deep-baritone voice in the classic villain sense.

“We are thrilled that F. Murray Abraham has joined our How to Train Your Dragon 3 cast as the villainous Grimmel,” said Chris deFaria, head of DreamWorks Animation Film Group. “This character brings a captivating new story line to the culmination of our trilogy. There is a gentlemanly calm to this sinister role, one that dovetails beautifully with this iconic actor’s immense range and talents.”

via Deadline

News about Ocean’s Eight and How To Train Your Dragon 3

Good morning!

Ocean’s Eight finally found it’s villain! According to Variety, it’s played by Damian Lewis:

Damian Lewis is in final negotiations to join the cast of “Ocean’s Eight,” the all-female spinoff of “Ocean’s Eleven” starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway.

Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, and Sarah Paulson are also on board with Gary Ross directing.

Bullock’s character is the leader of a group of thieves and cons who try to pull off a major heist. Lewis will play Bullock’s ex-lover and the target of the gang’s robbery.

Lewis had been spotted on set in recent weeks and sources now confirm he has more then a simple cameo in the movie.

Unfortunately How To Train Your Dragon 3 it’s been pushed back another time, set for opening in March 2019. Meanwhile the official synopis it’s been released:

As Hiccup fulfills his dream of creating a peaceful dragon utopia, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, elusive mate draws the Night Fury away. When danger mounts at home and Hiccup’s reign as village chief is tested, both dragon and rider must make impossible decisions to save their kind.

via The List