First trailer for Nightmare Alley; Eli Roth’s History of Horror Season 3 Appearance
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Sep 16, 2021

First trailer for Nightmare Alley; Eli Roth’s History of Horror Season 3 Appearance

Hi, dear blanchetters!

The long-awaited trailer of Nightmare Alley has been released with the movie poster! Cate will also appear in the season 3 of Eli Roth’s History of Horror which will premiere in October 2021. The series will feature Sam Raimi’s The Gift which Cate starred in. Lastly, they have recently made Vogue Australia’s June/July 2020 cover, where Cate graced the cover, available in print. Check the details about it below.

Nightmare Alley trailer and poster


Cate Blanchett to appear in Eli Roth’s History of Horror Season 3

The third season of Eli Roth’s History of Horror will return to AMC on Friday, October 1 at 10 pm ET/9c. The premiere episode will be available early on Saturday, September 25 on AMC+. The remaining episodes will be available to AMC+ subscribers on the same day they premiere on air. The upcoming season of Eli Roth’s History of Horror continues to explore the fun and the fear of scary films – both timeless classics and wildly frightening films that flew under the radar. This season will tackle the topics of “Sequels (That Don’t Suck),” “Infections,” “Psychics,” “Apocalyptic Horror,” “Holiday Horror,” and “Mad Scientists.”

Master of Horror Eli Roth, who also executive produces the series, returns as host with an all-star lineup of interviewees including (in alphabetical order) Cate Blanchett, Margaret Cho, Jeffrey Combs, Jamie Lee Curtis, Geena Davis, Lex Scott Davis, Robert Englund, Vanessa Hudgens, Elliott Knight, David Koechner, Christopher Landon, Meat Loaf, Greg Nicotero, Jonah Ray, Giovanni Ribisi, Jessica Rothe, Madeleine Stowe, Quentin Tarantino, Jennifer Tilly, Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie, and many others.

Episode 303 – “Physics” – Premieres Friday, October 15 at 10 pm ET/9c on AMC and AMC+

What’s the downside of having psychic powers? The idea of being able to read minds or manipulate objects without moving a muscle is an attractive fantasy. But what if those powers showed you things you wished you hadn’t seen? What if people wanted to exploit your gift for their own sinister ends? Worse than that: what if someone with psychic abilities turned their powers against you?

Movies about psychics play on the ego of our species – humans rose to the top thanks to their large, multilayered brains – but they also exploit our insecurities. We understand little about cognition and the nature of free will, and we know we’re just a brain tumor away from radical personality shifts and psychotic behavior. The fear of psychic powers gone wrong is the fear of our own turbulent minds.

This episode features a wide range of psychic films made by superstar creators, including David Cronenberg’s Scanners and The Dead Zone, Mike Flanagan’s thrilling adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, Brian DePalma’s The Fury, Sam Raimi’s The Gift, Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners and Tim Burton’s horror/comedy masterpiece Beetlejuice.

Vogue Australia’s June/July 2020 cover with Cate Blanchett now on print

Fiona Lowry is an Archibald Prize-winning artist and has painted Blanchett to create an image that spoke about the moment in time for both artists. Lowry explored the option of painting her work mid-Covid, and her initial thoughts about anxiety about the future, constant cleaning of ourselves and our homes, to becoming an opportunity for reflection and personal change. ‘My initial thought was to see Cate coming out of the water, reflecting an idea of cleansing and renewal. But after we emailed back and forth about what we were experiencing felt, it became about stillness and the idea of solitude and how it can make us reflect. In retrospect it was such a fleeting moment, and the chaos was still swirling around us, but it was a moment I’m sure we will always remember.’

Cate was photographed by her husband, Andrew Upton, at their home in the UK and Fiona describes how ‘I imagined Cate wearing a Vampire’s Wife dress and wonderfully, designer Susie Cave sent some dresses to use for the shoot. Her dresses are so dreamy and nostalgic, and I had read somewhere that she described the dresses as having a ‘subversive mystery’. I also like my paintings to sit within that mystery and often what painting can do is try to unravel or understand the structure of the underlying dream or mystery that we are embedded in.”

Lowry’s paintings are done with acrylic spray paint and have an ethereal and soft dreamy effect. Cate has described the work as wonderful, matching the serenity of her expression.

If you would like to purchase, you can go to FINEPRINT.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Cate Blanchett in Vogue Australia and InStyle Australia may 2018
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May 1, 2018

Cate Blanchett in Vogue Australia and InStyle Australia may 2018

Hello Blanchetters!

After so many appearances in Cinemacon and few days before the Festival Cannes, here are some scans from Vogue Australia and InStyle Australia may 2018 issues featuring photos of Cate during the Sì Passione launch in Sydney and an article about when Cate fronted the inaugural InStyle and Audi Women of Style issue in 2009. Enjoy!

Cate Blanchett Fan Scan Instyle Australia May 2018

Click to download the full HQ version available in the gallery

Vogue Australia May 2018

Click to download the full HQ version available in the gallery

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First look: Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth cover Vogue Australia’s November 2017 issue
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Oct 22, 2017

First look: Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth cover Vogue Australia’s November 2017 issue

Hey everyone!

Cate and Chris look absolutely gorgeous together in the new photoshoot for Vogue Australia. Here are some HQ images.

In this issue, which hits stands on October 30, Vogue profiles Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth: the quintessential Australian Hollywood success story.

Photographed by Will Davidson and styled by Vogue’s fashion director Christine Centenera, Cate Blanchett wears Louis Vuitton and Chris Hemsworth wears Commas, Jac + Jack and Sandro on the cover of Vogue Australia’s November 2017 issue.

Hemsworth is Thor, the star of a multibillion-dollar comic franchise, Blanchett is the Oscar-winning actress playing the first female Marvel supervillain. Together Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett represent the quintessential Australian Hollywood success story. In the cover interview with Vogue’s deputy editor Sophie Tedmanson, Hemsworth admits it was at first daunting playing opposite the two-time Oscar-winning actress who is renowned for her extraordinary acting ability and ethereal beauty.

“It was sort of intimidating at first,” he admits. “Especially the lead-up to meeting her, I was like: ‘Okay, this is Cate Blanchett’ … My nerves were certainly more elevated than usual. No matter how many times I tell myself: ‘I’m the lead, I’m the number one on the call sheet’, it still feels like I shouldn’t be; it feels like I’ve cheated somehow. I remember trying to talk myself into feeling better about it, like: ‘Cate Blanchett is coming onto my set’, ‘It’s my film, I’m Thor’ and then another part of me is like: ‘None of that matters!’ But then she comes in and immediately I thought: ‘Oh great, she is wonderful and normal and easy to get along with, and hilarious and has a great sense of humour and all of that.’”

For Blanchett, meeting Hemsworth for the first time went like this: “Chris really led the tone of the set – he’s a genuine leading man in that role. From the minute I met him, I knew it was going to be great.”

In the interview, Hemsworth and Blanchett discuss family, friendship and making movies together.

Blanchett says she loves working at home and was relieved Thor: Ragnarok was shot in Australia, which was actually suggested by Hemsworth. “Our two eldest children were born in England and a lot of our formative experiences as a couple were in the UK,” she says. “But we remain incredibly connected to Australia – my mother, my sister and brother are all still there. And, of course, our theatre family is there and Andrew’s work. So we base ourselves in the UK and it’s a constant perk, because Australia is incredibly magnetic. I’ve lived it on a daily basis.”

Hemsworth attributes his own character to his upbringing: “I think you advertise what you are for starters. My parents taught us to treat everyone equally and with respect and humility.”

He adds: “I’ve done plenty of other things and thought: ‘I don’t want to spend my life doing this.’ So I’ve got nothing but gratification for what I do.”

Read the full article in Vogue Australia’s November issue, on sale October 30.

via Vogue Australia

SUPERSTAR Cate Blanchett has a confession. Uber-hunk Chris Hemsworth makes her want to throw up — but not in a bad way.

“He makes me want to vomit, he’s so good looking.” Blanchett said of her latest co-star.

“All I want to do when I see Chris is just goof off.”

And the awe is mutual. Asked about working on their new film Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth said: “It was sort of intimidating at first.

“Especially in the lead-up to meeting her, I was like, ‘Okay, this is Cate Blanchett’. She’s godlike, in my opinion.”

The Aussie stars, who grace the cover of the November issue of Vogue Australia, play on opposing sides as Hela and Thor in the new blockbuster, shot on the Gold Coast by New Zealand director Taika Waititi.

The Oscar-winning actor admits to being a little surprised at her success.

“When I first went to drama school, I really thought I’d give myself five years — because there were a lot of extraordinary actors in the theatre and I thought: ‘I’m not that strong’,” Blanchett said.

“All I wanted to do was travel with my work and have the respect of my peers.

“I don’t know whether I’ve got the latter, but I’ve certainly done the former.”

via Daily Telegraph

Vogue Australia December 2015 Scans & Photoshoot
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Nov 23, 2015

Vogue Australia December 2015 Scans & Photoshoot

I’ve uploaded scans from the December 2015 Issue of Vogue Australia, which brings a feature on Cate Blanchett and another on the Sydney Theatre Company. I’ve added bigger versions from the Photoshoot pictures and text free from the pictures of STC feature.

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Nov 17, 2015

Vogue Australia December – One more photo & Article Preview

I’ve added another photo in HQ from the Vogue Australia December issue that will be out on the 23rd and a preview from the article via Daily Telegraph. The cover has also been replaced with a HQ version.

Cate Blanchett Vogue Australia December 2015

Cate Blanchett takes emerging Australian actor Ryan Corr under her wing

ACADEMY Award winner Cate Blanchett has taken emerging Australian actor Ryan Corr under her wing.

Blanchett, who struck up a friendship with the Packed to the Rafters star when he played a role in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Sex with Strangers, said the 26-year-old has what it takes to make it in a very fickle industry.

Blanchett, who features in the December issue of Vogue Australia, a tribute edition to her and husband Andrew Upton’s contribution to the arts in Australia, said: “Ryan’s talent and adventurous spirit are enervating to be around.

“His work ethic is inspiring but he makes it all look so easy.

“His generosity as an actor is palpable on stage and screen, and the ­relationships we witness him in have such chemistry as he invests his energy in connecting with, and getting under the skin of, not only the character he’s playing but actors he’s working opposite.”

When Confidential told Corr about Blanchett’s fondness for him, he was almost speechless.

“It makes me feel all giddy on the inside, she is a goddess,” he said. “That is so lovely to hear.

“Obviously Cate is a women crush of mine and a goddess on stage and ­incredible at what she does.”

He said he has enjoyed his time with the STC and hopes to continue to work with the respected company.

“It is a real family over there and I think they make amazing work,” he said.

“It has been wonderful to be part of that circle for a while and to be invited back is a wonderful privilege and hopefully that is a pat on the bum saying ‘you’re doing the right thing’.”

The December issue of Vogue will hit the stands on Monday, November 23.