Blue Jasmine Reviews

Blue Jasmine is out and it’s getting great reviews for Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett, here are some quotes, click the links to read the full reviews:

From Wall Street Journal:

“Blue Jasmine,” the filmmaker’s strongest work in many years, brings us full circle from enjoying Jasmine by deploring her to embracing her by understanding her—not as a victim, but as a tragic fool who has told so many lies to herself, never mind to others, that she has become the sum total of her pretenses and prevarications.

Los Angeles Times:

Yet for all of “Blue Jasmine’s” darkness, the movie is among the filmmaker’s most emotionally affecting. Allen is surprisingly sensitive in exposing Jasmine, one of those affluent New York sophisticates so easy to dislike. Even the melodrama attached to her new struggles — a suddenly empty bank account, a mindless job, no closet space — realities that frame everyday life for most women, is subtly calibrated to allow us to feel for her. And occasionally laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The New York Times:

What did Jasmine know, and when did she know it? These questions come to haunt “Blue Jasmine,” and as the past catches up with the present, they help drive this moving, sometimes funny film toward its shattering end. If at times Mr. Allen seems to be answering those questions by pulling the film in one direction even as Ms. Blanchett pulls it in another, this productive dissonance deepens the tension and stakes and, as with a climactic confrontation between Jasmine and Hal, can turn a raw scene into a revelation. This particular battle takes place in their living room, a mausoleumlike shrine to their wealth, painted green, where, against the color of money, they fight for their lives, frantically taking swings at each other without a thought to everyone else they are about to take down.