Cate Blanchett Birthday Project

Eden on Tumblr has come up with a Birthday Project for Cate, here are the details:

On May 14, Cate will celebrate her 46th birthday. In order to celebrate her birthday, we (the fans) are creating a video clip for her, which will, later send to her. If you want to take part in this video, please keep reading.

Our video includes US. We need you to film yourselves doing the following things:

  • Say your name, your age and your country.
  • Bless Cate “happy birthday” in your native language.
  • Describe Cate in one word.
  • Mention your favorite Cate film.

Moreover, on the past years Cate had a lot of funny moments which were kept in our minds, we want to remake them. You can remake one / more funny moments from the following list: (film yourself remake them)

  • The stepmother’s laugh.
  • Losing a shoe while walking.
  • Cate’s funny face in Berlinale (link)
  • Jay Leno’s sitting
  • “And don”t you fucking forget it” (link around at 3:23)
  • “Okie Dokie Smokey”

And finally, we want you to say one thing you want Cate to know: How she influenced you / why do you love her.

Please send all videos to the following adress: UNTIL APRIL 10TH. You can upload the videos by google drive, dropbox, youtube or on any other way you want. For questions you can ask me here on Tumblr / Twitter / Email.
Participaying in the project: Cate Blanchett Daily, QueenCate, Cate Blanchett Fan, Lisa, Nelly, Ana and Stupiedpooface.

Please reblog this post so more people will be aware to out project


  • Who can participate the project? – Everyone who wants to.
  • If I don’t want to do al things, can I just wish her happy birthday? – Sure, but we hope a lot of people will take part in everything.
  • If I don’t want to speak, Can I take a pic of me with a “Happy birthday” poster? – Yes.
  • Can you guarantee Cate will see the video? – sadly not, but we will try our best to make this work.

Please check the tumblr post and send your videos there and reblog and promote the idea! It’s going to be great!