Cate Blanchett wants Downton Abbey role

Cate Blanchett has revealed her wish to star in Downton Abbey.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain (watch the video here), the Oscar-winning actress said that she has enquired about the possibility of making a cameo appearance in the period drama.

She told Richard Arnold: “I did have words and I followed up with my agent, no call has yet been received – but I’m seeing the girls again today, so I’ll get them to put a good word in.”

via Digital Spy

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1 Comment on “Cate Blanchett wants Downton Abbey role”

  1. It appears to be in jest. Like someone on the awards watch forum said –
    “It’s not like they are serious with this. It’s part of the Cinderella campaign (since both James and Mcshera are Downton regulars everyone on this press tour must be asked about Downton all the time). When promoting the Hobbit a year or so ago Blanchett said she “would love” to appear in one of the X-men movies due to just having worked with Ian McKellen. That was similair “click-bait journalism” to take such a throw away comment and make headlines out of it.”

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