Date with Destiny at Cannes – Cate Blanchett & Haruka Ayase

No stranger to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival is SK-II Global Ambassador and leading lady Cate Blanchett who returned to Cannes with a nomination for her latest film “Carol”.

Currently tipped as one of the favorites of the festival, Cate Blanchett graced the red carpet for the “Carol” premiere in positively radiant skin, and highlighted by a stunning Giles Deacon gown.

As she prepared for the film premier with her favorite skincare products – beginning with the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, followed by the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the LXP series, and finally a spritz of the new SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence over the final makeup look – the multiple Academy Award- winning actress shared her experience being at Cannes.

“There are turning point moments in one’s career and life, and certainly walking up the Croisette and climbing those steps is a mystical and out of body experience. It is here that not only one’s work, but also one’s physical appearance that will engender the most intense scrutiny. You’ve not only put yourself out there with your work, and then again on a red carpet which is like no other red carpet.

It takes an incredible amount of courage to feel relaxed in that environment, so anything one can do to make themselves feel at ease and confident helps – be with people that you care about, wear a dress that makes you feel fabulous, and make sure you feel as comfortable in your own skin as possible.” – Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett & Haruka Ayase Together at Cannes

Also in Cannes for the film festival was SK-II Global Ambassador and Japanese actress – Haruka Ayase, whose film “Umimachi Diary” was a festival nominee.

As it was Haruka Ayase’s first time at the glamorous film festival she shared, “As a first-timer at Cannes, I feel as though this is one of the defining moments of my life. So far, it has been truly an eye- opening experience, and this has truly inspired me to change my destiny by pushing myself to achieve even more.”

Although nervous about her first Cannes red carpet, Haruka Ayase shared that her confidence was boosted with the use of her favorite SK-II regimen, which included the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, and SK-II STEMPOWER Essence and STEMPOWER Cream.

As the climax of their journey in Cannes, the two SK-II Global Ambassadors, Cate and Ayase, came together for a short tete-a-tete, where Cate offered the younger actress words of advice on surviving Cannes, beauty tips to looking good the entire day, and shared her own #changedestiny moment from a previous festival.

“Going to a festival like Cannes is a real destiny changer. I had a similar moment that I think Haruka Ayase is about to experience. I was very green, and had never been to a film festival, when I went to Venice Film Festival with Elizabeth. I remember being so scared as I was told just before I went in that sometimes people boo. I knew that either way something was going to be different for me in the morning – and it was true, it was quite extraordinary.” – Cate Blanchett

“It was highly motivating and exciting that I had the chance to meet Cate. She is a great actress, and also such a great person full of positive enero,’ and power. As someone who has been to Cannes before, she shared a few words of wisdom about the festival. I am truly grateful that we were able to share time together at Cannes.” – Haruka Ayase

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