Cate Blanchett dishes in her fashion and beauty secrets.

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Ever Wonder How Cate Blanchett Is So Incredibly Chic? Here She Tells All

Ever wanted to peek inside the closets, makeup bags, and carry-ons of the world’s chicest jet-setters? Us too—and so we did. ForInStyle‘s October issue, we sat down with the industry’s hottest tastemakers and asked them to spill their best-kept tips and tricks for living a stylish life.

We’ve been girl-crushing on Cate Blanchett for years now, so when we sat down with the actress to chat about the launch of SK-II’s new Mid-Day Essence, we couldn’t help but grill her on all things fashion and beauty. Want to listen in? Read on for her makeup bag mainstays, easy outfit upgrades, and the foolproof way she organizes her closet.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

If you want to save money, wait for ethically made goods to go on sale rather than buying cheap pieces. When something is super-inexpensive, it likely means that the person who made it wasn’t paid fairly.

Who is your style icon?

I have a friend who’s a costume designer called Alice Babidge. I love her. She’s got an incredible eye. But I don’t think you can skip over Katharine Hepburn in this category either.

You’re always on the go—what do you wear to look chic while you travel?

Comfy jersey pieces by Bassike are my go-to’s while traveling. When I’m on a plane with my four kids, I love that the material doesn’t wrinkle.

You’ve been the face of SK-II for 13 years, and your skin is radiant. What’s your daily routine?

I wash with their Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil ($70; because it takes off makeup too, and then I finish with Essential Power eye cream ($125;

How about when you want to freshen up on-the-go?

To stay hydrated throughout the day, I spritz on SK-II’s Mid-Day Essence ($80; I use it under makeup and over makeup to keep my skin hydrated during the day. It’s the best way to stay hydrated because you don’t want to slap moisturizer on over your makeup. For those of us who spend most of the day inside air-conditioned offices or air-conditioned artificial environments, it’s an easy way of making your skin feel like it’s been in the outdoors.

Do you do facials or any other skincare treatments?

Well, my son was having some issues with his gut recently, so I took him to a naturopath. They used a red laser treatment on his stomach to get rid of any impurity and inflammation in his gut. I said, “Oh, what other uses does this light have?” And the doctor told me that you can use to treat acne or any impurities on the skin. So I had a red light treatment myself and it was quite amazing. It’s really healing if you’ve got a bit of eczema, if your skin is inflamed, or you’ve been allergic to something.

What other beauty discoveries have you made through your children?

I’m often discovering useful products through my kids, like Traumeel Ointment ($18; It’s meant to help bruises heal, but I dab it anywhere I want to decrease puffiness.

Are there any products that you multipurpose?

Lucas’ Papaw ointment ($16; I use it on my lips, elbows, and heels. During allergy season, it helps reduce redness around my nose and eyes.

What’s your biggest beauty bummer?

When my hair has been blown out a lot, it starts to get really dry.Philip Kingsley Elasticizer ($49; is a leave-in mask that makes my strands feel strong again. I also use his shampoos and conditioners. I like that they don’t foam up because it’s a sign that there’s no toxic stuff in there.

Do you have quick outfit upgrades that you rely on for busy mornings?

I throw on my Yigal Azrouël jacket when I’m rushing out the door because it instantly pulls together any look. Plus, it’s really warm. For jeans, Hudson’s styles are really comfortable.

How do you keep you closet organized?

Organize by color, not style. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s easier to find things. I picked this up when I was in a production ofThe Maids, which is about two maids who are trying to murder their mistress. The mistress’s wardrobe was color-coded!

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