Cate Blanchett as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Hands Up for Syria

Good evening everyone! On May 9th, Cate Blanchett attended the Hands Up For Syria event in her new role of UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Speaking of her recent meetings with Syrian refugee families in Jordan, Cate Blanchett said:

“When I asked parents what hopes they held for the future, their message was clear: for their children to have an education, not just primary education but secondary and on to tertiary.  …We cannot allow a whole generation to be lost; uneducated, disenfranchised, alienated. 

For how will Syria ultimately rebuild without engineers, doctors, teachers, accountants, without journalists, artists … The funds raised by the Appeal are protecting that vital right to education, giving Syrian refugee children a future, giving Syria a future.”

via Asfari Foundation

The initiative, promoted by the Said an Asfari Foundations, aims to raise money in response to the millions of children and young people from Syria that are out of education within Syria and in the surrounding countries.

UNHCR Japan released four new images from the visit Cate and her husband Andrew Upton made in a refugees camp in Jordan.

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