Cate Blanchett still in talks for Ocean’s Eight

Thanks to Cafe’s fan for this article!

EXCLUSIVE We told you last week that Cate Blanchett had joined Gary Ross’s all female Ocean’s 11 heist movie with Sandra Bullock, Elizabeth Banks, Helena Bonham Carter and Mindy Kaling. But Blanchett told me last night at the Women in Film Crystal & Lucy Awards that it’s not a done deal.

“It’s in the air,” Cate said, “but it’s not done yet.  I’ve always wanted to work with Sandra, so I’m hoping it happens, but I truly don’t know yet.”

Blanchett was at the Beverly Hilton to honor the amazing Hylda Queally, her agent of 19 years, with the Sue Mengers Award. In giving the award, Blanchett said to Queally, “ I would be an unformed piece of amoebic jelly without you.” Cate never ceases to be classy, when actor/producer Kat Kramer introduced Cate to deaf actress Antoinette Abbamonte, who told Cate through sign language that she loved her work, Cate signed back thank you.

I spoke with Cate Blanchett about the Tonys, where she presented the award to winner Frank Langella.  “I love being a part of the New York theater.  Theater people are really circus performers in a sense, it’s real feeling of camaraderie.  Especially on that sad night.”

via Showbiz411