Gallery Updates – Theatre

Hello everyone!! It’s time to update the gallery!
We have some rarities and once again we want to share them with the fandom. All we ask, to anyone that repost this content (especially images), is to be fair, and give credit when it’s due. We are aware that there are a lot of pages, groups, etc. on social media and we are very glad to see that our work is spread and shared for everyone to see.
Therefore, it is difficult to tolerate on a daily basis the lack of respect to the time, work, dedication and the financial effort the three of us invest, everyday, to keep this site updated and freely accessible. We have no contact with Miss Blanchett management, what we post is the fruit of long daily researches; we don’t get any money in return for what we do: when we asked for donations the site was about to close; we are not hiding behind a screen, anyone can contact us through email ( and contribute to the site.
We are fans, simple fans, but first we are human beings and to see our work treated so poorly it makes us rethink on the opportunity to keep this site open.

Francesco Vezzoli, director of Right You Are If You Think You Are, adapted from the italian play Così E’ (Se Vi Pare) by Luigi Pirandello, explains his work method and why he chose Cate to be the main actress here