Thor Ragnarok’s VFX videos

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Marvel and Rising Sun Pictures have released clips from the visual effects process used in Thor: Ragnarok and the VFX Supervisor Alessandro Cioffi explains some of the sequences with Hela and Skurge. Here’s part of the article with pictures and clips.

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What are the sequences made at Trixter?
The sequence we’ve worked on starts with Hela and Skurge entering The Vault, going through all the mighty artifacts kept there. Hela’s goal is though to use the Eternal Flame to revive her army of the dead and her beloved Fenris, down in the Crypt. With this pivotal moment the sequence ends. We did work on additional mini-sequence involving Loki, in the Vault, bringing back the Surtur to life

What is your favorite shot or sequence?

My favorite shot is the second-last one in the sequence, when Hela finally rejoins Fenris: Cate Blanchett looks gorgeous in that shot, her performance immediately delivers Hela’s found supremacy, as she stands at the center of the Crypt surrounded by her Army of the Dead. The picture has a very powerful composition, I find.

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