Cannes Film Festival – First Look at ‘Everybody Knows’ Premiere, Opening Ceremony and Opening Dinner

Morning Blanchetters!

We wish to thanks Christina and everybody who donated in the past few days, especially our guardian angel Pat.

Cannes Day 2 is about to start and new pictures are coming from yesterday. Cate, pardon Madame La Presidente, walked down the inaugural red carpet and posed for photographers, attending the opening movie premiere (Everybody Knows) followed by the opening ceremony and dinner.
She wore a known (and lucky) dress: the Armani Privè worn back in 2014, when she won the Golden Globe for Blue Jasmine (pics here). Mr. Armani’s entourage released a brief note explaining Cate’s choice, which can be found on Instagram

#CateBlanchett, Jury President of the 71st @festivaldecannes ?and face of @armanibeauty Sì fragrance wears a #GiorgioArmaniPrivé gown and #ArmaniBeauty look at the opening of the festival. The actress chose to revise a gown that she wore to the Golden Globes in 2014.
In revisiting a gown already worn on the red carpet Cate Blanchett made a symbolic gesture towards the the idea of more responsible consumerism, where clothes are not so frequently discarded. #Cannes2018 #ArmaniStars?

Enjoy the new pictures (more are coming!)