Cate Blanchett at Glastonbury 2024

Cate Blanchett attends Glastonbury Festival. She was at the Q&A for I’M NOT THERE at Pilton Palais on Sunday. But she was also spotted having a good time listening to bands on Friday and Saturday.

Friday — As the festival ramped up, the hospitality area began to buzz with more and more celebrity action: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal enjoyed a pint together backstage, Stormzy led a procession through the bar, Glastonbury veteran Cate Blanchett rocked double-denim, and Tilda Swinton was spotted taking a stroll around the Healing Fields. Later, Mescal and Scott did a Q&A for their film All of Us Strangers at the Pilton Palais cinema.

Saturday — One of the festival’s most anticipated sets came courtesy of The Last Dinner Party, levelling up to Glastonbury’s second biggest stage after making an impressive debut at Woodsies last year. Channelling Renaissance glam rock, vocalist Abigail Morris twirled and danced her way through a flawless airing of their debut album Prelude to Ecstasy, plus a preview of the choral-tinged new song Second Best. Before closing out with the ABBA-flavoured banger Nothing Matters, she reminded punters that a potential change of government at the next election is not an end goal, and more needs to be done. “Keep boycotting the right things,” she added, being tactfully vague on account of the TV cameras. “Barclays pulled out.” She was referring to a wave of bands pulling out of festivals with the bank as a sponsor, as part of a wider Palestinian solidarity boycott

Cate Blanchett has clearly heard the buzz around the band, too – we spotted her headbanging to Caesar on a TV Screen.

Sunday — Oscar winner Cate Blanchett headed to Faith’s set earlier in the day and it was also reportedly watched by former Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker.

I’m Not There Q&A

Cate Blanchett has said she would return as Galadriel for the upcoming Lord Of The Rings spin-off if asked, as she would “do anything with Andy Serkis”.

It was announced in May that Serkis would direct a new Lord Of The Rings film about his character Gollum, with Sir Peter Jackson, the director of the original trilogy, set to return as producer with his partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

After a film screening at Glastonbury Festival, Blanchett was asked if she would return as her character Galadriel in the film – which is set for release in 2026.

“I would do anything with Andy Serkis, anything, I love him to death,” the 55-year-old actress said.


“After we got paid £10k we had to put it back in to keep the film going,” Cate Blanchett said of I’m Not There, the musical Bob Dylan biopic she starred in 17 years ago.

Speaking at the Pilton Palais cinema at a Q&A this afternoon, Blanchett said: “It was a very musical process I think for Todd [Haynes, director] in post-production there were constant calls from one of the producers who will remain nameless, who is now in prison, who said he wanted to cut a whole section out,” Blanchett says. “All the actors said that it was Todd’s film.”

“I’m not a man, so I felt so incredibly free” in the role, she said later.

“When you start opening the doors and removing the default setting of homogeneity… it’ll swing one way and then it’ll swing back another way. That’s what art is, it’s a pendulum,” she said after being asked about the “rule book” on gender-blind casting.

However, playing a man in future would be “the ask of the director,” Blanchett said.

One audience member asked whether Lydia, Blanchett’s character in Tár, would have listened to Bob Dylan.

Blanchett said Tár would have had Dylan’s music “on repeat”.

“Artists must be inconsistent but we don’t want that inconsistency in our political leaders,” said Blanchett in response to a later question.

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