Giorgio Armani introduces second Sì Women’s Circle
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Apr 13, 2017

Giorgio Armani introduces second Sì Women’s Circle

Good morning! Cate Blanchett released a brief statement about this wonderful initiative.

Giorgio Armani’s beauty and fragrance division is launching the second edition of the Si Women’s Circle.

The Italian fashion house first launched the initiative last year, creating a digital platform to encourage women from all walks of life to share stories and start a dialogue with each other.

Cate Blanchett, who fronts Armani’s Sì perfume as well as being the face of the Women’s Circle, is joined this time around by five new faces to help front the project.

“The Si Women’s Circle is creating an opportunity for dialogue, a network, for women who are facing particular challenges in their careers or personal lives and finding a common ground,” Cate said in a statement, reports WWD. “I hope people who engage with the Circle online will come to understand that even though we might do different things, come from different places, we, as women, often face similar challenges and obstacles. Hearing the stories of other women can be an inspiration to help guide us and make our own decisions.”

The new team will post a series of videos on Armani’s social network accounts and the brand’s digital platforms, sharing stories from their personal lives in a bid to encourage women to take control of their present and future.

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May 26, 2016

Giorgio Armani presents Sì Le Parfum

On Tuesday Cate Blanchett attended the Sì Gathering Day to celebrate the launch of the fragrance Sì Le Parfum and the Sì Women’s Circle.

During the afternoon, press from all over the world discovered the new feminine fragrance Sì Le Parfum , set to launch in most countries this September.

Giorgio Armani says: “ is my tribute to modern femininity – an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit.”

To celebrate the first edition of the Sì Women’s Circle – a virtual project created by Giorgio Armani to give a voice to today’s women – the event was attended by three of the five women who have told their stories as part of this initiative.

Official photos – via Armani

SAY YES: Giorgio Armani marked the launch of its latest fragrance, Si Le Parfum, with a cocktail at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London starring Cate Blanchett.

The actress, who is the face of the fragrance, hosted the event dressed in a powder pink Giorgio Armani strapless dress. The Oscar winner spent the evening taking pictures with guests and talked about the new fragrance being her favorite from the Italian house’s Si range.

“The latest incarnation is my favorite of all of them because it’s the quintessence of Si,” said Blanchett at the event where guests included Bianca Jagger, Ellen von Unwerth, Nicky Haslam and Neelam Gill.

The fragrance, which will be available to purchase in September, has a strong amber essence. Top notes, such as blackcurrant, echo the inaugural perfume in the range, while bergamot, vanilla and patchouli also make up the juice.

The brand also launched the “Si Women’s Circle” earlier this year, a digital project that focuses on high-profile women who have said yes — “si” in Italian — to their aspirations and can share their stories with women around the world.

Three of the women celebrated as part of the project joined Blanchett at the event: Opéra de Paris ballet dancer Charlotte Ranson; 3-D pioneer Cecile Schmollgruber; and Kee Yoon Kim, who quit her job as a lawyer to becoming a stand-up comedian.

“No pressure whatsoever to have to try to embody the modern woman — but I’ll do my best, we’ll all try to do our best,” Blanchett told WWD.

“She is one of the best actresses out there at the moment, she is beautiful, but at the same time she’s very powerful — she doesn’t seem like the person who would be told what to do,” said von Unwerth, who is working on a new book of her work, which will be published this September by Taschen.

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Cate Blanchett introduces ‘The Sì Women’s Circle’
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Mar 2, 2016

Cate Blanchett introduces ‘The Sì Women’s Circle’

New collaboration between Cate Blanchett and Giorgio Armani!

From the official press release

Many women have had the courage and audacity to embark on a new path, to choose the road less traveled, to blaze a new trail.  Why? What motivated them to do so?

A dream, an inexorable desire, a passion.

Women find their voice through various ways. The women chosen by Giorgio Armani don’t fight against something but rather for themselves, finding strength to overcome obstacles and to pursue different courses in life. To choose a different destiny, one of passion and tolerance, of the independent spirit typical of the women of our time, of freedom and love, of work and family life, of emotions, hesitation, choice. A woman who allows herself to be who she is, who celebrates who she is: strong and sensitive, deep and lighthearted, enterprising and thoughtful. These are the dualities that shape today’s woman, simple and complex, bold and natural, elegant and graceful. An Armani woman, the Sì woman. The scent of passion, freedom, commitment, and femininity.

Giorgio Armani gives a voice to today’s women.

After the success of the digital video The Courage to Say Sì, the doors of dialogue have been opened with women from all walks of life, around the world, whose only connection is to have found the inner strength to say Sì to their dreams, Sì to themselves, and to have found the courage and commitment to fully live their passion.

The Sì Women’s Circle is this open dialogue between women, an opportunity for them to share their stories, their “Sì” with each other.

To inaugurate the Sì Women’s Circle, an initial video with Cate Blanchett, inviting women to say “Sì” will be posted the 1st of March on YouTube, the brand site, and the social networks.

Giorgio Armani Beauty released three videos, with different lenghts. The last one has more footage from the last Armani’s Sì commercial.

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