Cate Blanchett Interview about SK-II Skin Care

60 seconds with cateThe Hobbit Star Dishes On How To Get Her Luminous Skin

When SK-II unveiled its new formula, we knew we had to tap the company’s fanciest fan, Cate Blanchett, to find out more. The actress, who has 10 years of SK-II experience under her belt, swears by the stuff — and you would, too, if you seemingly hadn’t aged a minute over the last decade. Most recently, the luminous actress has been on set in S.F. for her new Woody Allen flick and traveling to Taiwan to star in commercials — but she took time out of her busy jet-setting schedule to sit down with us and chat about everything from Kate (yes, we spelled that correctly!) to coffee stains. Check out our exclusive Q&A, right here.

Who is responsible for introducing you to SK-II?
“Makeup artist Mary Greenwell recommended I try it nearly a decade ago. And, because it worked so quickly, I haven’t shifted since.”

What are some professional tips you’ve picked up during your career?
“Whenever I’m with makeup artists such as Mary, Dotti, or Jeanine Lobell I always just sit back and watch what they do. For example, Jeanine does amazing eyes and Dotti is incredible with color. But, I have to remind myself that sometimes their work is don’t-try-this-at-home status — if I ever tried to do what Dotti does, I’d look like I had just been punched in the face! So, when I’m doing my own makeup, it’s very minimal and simple.”

So simple that you’ve deemed your regime “lazy!”
“I’m super lazy! I’m also a skeptic, so it has to work. That’s why it has been so fascinating doing The Hobbit and returning to a character I played 10 years earlier. My skin is actually better now than it was then! It’s primarily because of the product and consistency. I truly believe that after using some products over and over again your skin can become immune to them, whereas that doesn’t happen with any of the SK-II lines.”

What is your advice for SK-II newcomer, Kate Bosworth?
“The only advice I tend to give people is to use it consistently, which she’s clearly doing already! She’s in such a good place right now. I’m really happy Kate’s a part of this family.”

Do you have plans to shoot commercials with Bosworth?
“I just wrapped a shoot in Taiwan, so I’m unsure of the plans. I think they’re still trying to figure out Kate’s focus, while my concentration is the global market. And, that’s what I love about SK-II — up until recently it was dominated by consumers in Asia with whitening products that are actually quite fantastic on Caucasian skin. When it comes to sun damage and extreme climate, I don’t fool around, and it’s important to have products not only for protection from the elements, but that go beyond the top layer of your skin. I’m so happy to know that these precautions are becoming more popular in Western countries because of our backing.”

What’s the strangest beauty treatment you’ve ever tried?
“Well, the Facial Treatment Masks are quite bizarre because you just leave them on until they fall off. It can become an expensive habit though, so I suggest people get the Cellumination Mask-in Lotion — it’s just as hydrating as the mask, but you don’t have to sit for 20 minutes and not speak to anyone. And, although I like that peace and quiet I get from doing the mask, it looks a little gross if you’ve had an espresso and you get the coffee stain on your top lip. I guess I should be more patient and just wait to eat, right?”