New video and interviews from SK-II #changedestiny LA Forum

Hello everyone! A video from the red carpet

another one, during the Google live chat, after the forum,

and a short trascript from the conversation

1) Talking about change in destiny, what is one thing you will not change in life?

Self respect, always love yourself.

2) What’s your advice for women who want empower themselves in their specialties?

I think women who want to progress and move ahead in their chosen field should be admired. I believe that the journey is the key, and to stop and reflect along the way so that we aren’t just solely looking at the end goal. We need to have a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment along the way.

3) Could you share 3 beauty tips (mentally and physically) for the day before Oscars red carpet and to keep healthy and perfect skin all the time?

For me the Oscars award ceremony is about trying to have fun. The selection of the dress and the hair and makeup is a joy and something I really enjoy. So I would normally start with a massage, followed by an SKII mask, then hair and makeup. In the lead up to the event, in adition to my usual SK-II skincare routine I would apply a mask everyday so that my skin is super hydrated.

My make-up artist Jeanine Lobell, also loves to use the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil mixed in with the foundation to help keep my skin hydrated and ensure a dewy finish.

Smile. I think everyone looks best when they show up with a smile. It is about enjoying the moment and having a good time.

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Another interview, for the Chinese public.

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