Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Talks About Holiday Party Dressing

Hello everybody! Cate Blanchett talked to Vogue about her holiday style secret. Enjoy!


“It’s all about shoes for me in winter,” mused actress and fashion icon Cate Blanchett, who last night donned a pair of subtly sophisticated black leather stilettos at the Park Avenue Armory for the event celebrating Manifesto, her video installation with German artist Julian Rosefeldt. “This is not typical,” she said of her relatively understated heels, before confessing that the holiday season is making her crave something with a dash of razzle-dazzle. That might explain the midnight blue satin shoes she’s been seen sporting at the airport and around town.

“I’ve been relishing my footwear,” said Blanchett, adding that she has two current favorites: One is a “Roger Vivier semi-sneaker look that is completely sparkly.” The other are distinguished flats in a “patent leather sort of brown-y aubergine [from] AGL. They’re amazing.”

While Blanchett may be focused on fancy footwear, her tailored Givenchy ensemble hinted at the Australian star’s low-key philosophy when approaching other aspects of her holiday wardrobe. “I’m wearing dresses less and less and less,” said Blanchett, noting, “I’ve always loved a well-made suit.” Of course, she hardly expects to have much time to parade her seasonal style around New York this winter. She’s now gearing up for a leading role in The Present on Broadway. “I will literally be onstage or in bed,” said Blanchett with a laugh.

But that hasn’t stopped her from adopting a Marie Kondo–like approach to fashion at a time when others are in a particularly acquisitive mood. “I’m all about divesting,” said Blanchett. “Trading, swapping, coveting friends’ wardrobes.” Any good finds? “I got a really great denim jacket,” she said. “I’m loving the double denim.” No doubt the actress will put her chic spin on that style come Christmas morning.

Via Vogue