Cate Blanchett visits the Empire State Building

The official account of the Empire State Building on Twitter released a photo of Cate during her visit to the world-famous observatory a couple of days ago. It looks like she had a nice tourist moment with her family!

Cate Blanchett Empire State

2 Comments on “Cate Blanchett visits the Empire State Building”

  1. One of the best actor, ever. And a clever, nice and real person too. Can’t wait to see her in The Present,at Barrymore theater next March, 19th. I’ ll travel from Brazil for that.

  2. I’ll see her next February, 21st at Barrymore Theatre and I’m from Italy… I adore her as woman and actress, I love her beauty, her intelligence and sympathy, I appreciate her immense talent… what could I add? Cate is really an “human goddess”.

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