Cate Blanchett Birthday Project

Hello everybody! Here we go again, with another Cate Blanchett Birthday Project organized by Eden.
Here are the details:

It’s the THIRD year in a row I’m making this project!
The past two years had been incredible, Cate received our projects and we even got comments from her!

This year we are going to make a fan collage!

How is this gonna work?

Everyone can join the fan collage! The idea is making a huge collage that express the amount of fans Cate has and the way she influenced each and every one of us.

How are we going to do it?

Everyone adds ONE picture to the collage. You can take a picture of the following stuff:
If you have an another idea, send it on the ask box and I’ll consider. 🙂

*A photo of you holding a happy birthday note
*A photo of something that reminds you of Cate (it can be a picture on your wall, a perfume, a book. Whatever you want)
*A photo of a happy birthday note you created in your native language (with the NAME AGE AND CONTRY DETAILS)

IMPORTANT: I’m going to add your Name, Age and Country on the photos I’ll receive, so make sure you write that also in the email.


All photos should arrive until MARCH 29TH, 2017. Send them all to the following adress: (the same one from the past years lol)
If you have any questions you can ask Eden on tumblr / twitter / email .

Taking part in the project this year + special thanks: Nelly, Cate Blanchett Daily , Queen Cate , Cate Blanchett Fan,


Who can participate the project? – Everyone who wants to.
Can I send a picture of myself with a happy birthday poster? Sure.
Can you guarantee Cate will receive the book? – sadly not, but we will try our best to make this work.