Every Cate Blanchett Performance, Ranked (+ Parklands)

Good evening! First of all, we wish to thank (another) Sandra for her generous donation; second, Vulture just published a very nice article on Cate’s movie career (here). To all the new fans, it’s an useful reading to catch up with her career, and to all the “old” fans, maybe it’s time to rediscover some great movies.
Talking about films, we recovered the first (and only) TV movie Cate Blanchett was in: Parklands. Below you can find the little material available online. The 51-minutes-long movie is featured in the DVD of Travelling Light, directed by same author, Professor Kathryn Millard. Enjoy!


Synopsys – via IMDB

Rosie returns to her home city on the death of her father, a former policeman. His diaries hint at corruption, and she also receives hints and veiled threats which support her suspicions. Rosie puzzles about who he was, and about her early life and relationship to him.

To complete our gallery we only miss, as far as we know, one more movie and a tv serie episode: Police Rescue – The movie (1994), available only in VHS, and G.P. “Natural Selection” (6×27) aired on August 9, 1994. If you have them, please contact us.