Blanchetters for UNHCR

Hello Blanchetters!

The global fan team from the CBF Chat has been working with representatives from the UNHCR over the past few months to set up a special donation effort. The goal is to help mark Cate’s birthday by raising funds and awareness from now through May 14 to help with UNHCR’s Bangladesh mission.

This is a way for Cate’s fans to not only support a worthwhile cause but to help spread the word about what the UNHCR does and why it’s such a vital organization.

Cate herself has been notified about this effort and we have worked with two UNHCR reps to create this, both of whom have accompanied Cate to places such as Davos and recently to Rohingya.

Here is a link to the fan site where you can learn more about it and then click on the Donate button which will take you to the official Cate UNHCR donation page.

Please help if you can! Any amount is helpful.

Feel free to spread the word about this campaign ! We are using the hashtag #BlanchettersForUNHCR

CBF Site is a supporter of #BlanchettersForUNHCR campaign. A direct link to the official Cate UNHCR donation page is available in the sidebar.

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  1. Thanks to Ms Blanchett for her interest and caring for these children and refugees. I have conrtributed to your fund for Cates birthday celebration. I am a devoted fan and have great admiration for this woman.

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