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Mrs. America is back in 3 days! Keep yourself update with the lastest news. Enjoy!

Live with Kelly and Ryan – April 16, 2020

CBS Sunday Morning – April 19, 2020

La Voz de la Galicia

New podcast

New clips and promotional videos. Some of them are geoblocked. We have added in the gallery the caps from the videos on Youtube only (FX Networks).



But what makes that scene so incredible is how Cate Blanchett gradually grows from helpless to devious mastermind and the subtle glee in her face as she puppet masters her way into the exact outcome she was hoping for.

Cate Blanchett is at her best when she’s portraying an entitled woman of means who has convinced herself that she is better than the people around her. I mean shit, she won an Oscar for it in Blue Jasmine.

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