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Mrs. America – New stills, previews and international distribution

Mrs. America – New stills, previews and international distribution

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FX Networks is regaling us with daily gifts paving the way to Mrs. America’s successful debut.

Here we are with two new stills (Source) and the character’s bio. On the same site you can find each episodes’s plot.

A self-described activist housewife from Illinois, Phyllis Schlafly was a conservative firebrand and virulent anti-communist. She had six children, authored several books, and published a popular newsletter. In 1972, she launched a national campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment. She remained active as a commentator for decades, and the ripple effects of her work can still be felt today.

FX Networks released two previews: Second Wave and Fred.

Talking about the international distribution, here is a first, unofficial list, made by us using the sources listed below.

HBO – Spain and Portugal – April 15, 2020

HBO Nordic – Norway – April 15, 2020

Canal + Series – France – April 16,2020

Foxtel – Australia – April 21, 2020

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To promote the tv show in Australia, Foxtel Magazine relased a new interview with Cate, featuring an old (but gold) photoshoot from 2018 (Variety – Cannes Issue). Enjoy!

Mrs. America – New still, preview and teaser trailer

Mrs. America – New still, preview and teaser trailer

Hello Blanchetters!

FX Network released a new still, the brief preview for the first episode and a new teaser trailer. Enjoy!

The original videos can be watched here


Stateless & Mrs. America – New promotional material

Stateless & Mrs. America – New promotional material

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First thing first, we would like to express our virtual closeness to everybody in this difficult time.
Our admins, living in Europe and South America are home and safe, we invite you all to stay home, take care of yourselves and your families. We will overcome this, together, we will.

And now, let’s get down to business.

Three episodes of Stateless were aired during these past weeks. We will post the screencaptures at the end of all episodes.

Meanwhile an unofficial account on Instagram is sharing new pics from the series, the official ABC TV + iview profile gifted us with a new still and some sort of featurette.

View this post on Instagram

The first three episodes of Stateless were directed by the amazing Emma Freeman, who was described by @yvonnestrahovski in the latest issue of Marie Claire as "a beautiful soul, but also such a professional, with a killer instinct." Emma's previous work as a director includes Secret City, @glitchtvofficial, Sisters, Puberty Blues, Tangle, Offspring and Love My Way, and she is currently working on Clickbait. "I felt incredibly passionate to be part of creating Stateless. It felt to me that this was a part of Australian history that would go undocumented or untold. I love projects that shine a light in the dark places and Stateless does that so beautifully. It tells the personal stories of people behind the barbed wire, behind the fence." – @emmafreemanmakesfilms #femalefilmmakerfriday #statelesstv @abctv #cateblanchett @yvonnestrahovski @jaicourtney @asherkeddieofficial

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The official still photographer Ben King, has updated his site sharing one more promotional image of Cate singing.

Netflix has opened their official site for the serie here, and the UNHCR supported the tv series by sharing a small clip of Cate recorded during the Berlin press junket.

Talking about the upcoming tv show starring Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America‘s twitter official account has shared a new teaser with some unseen footage. Another teaser was shared (Battle Lines) but it doesn’t feature new footage.

Please remember that most of the videos shared by FX are geoblocked, so you need a VPN to have access to them.

Take care!

Mrs. America – Posters and new stills

Mrs. America – Posters and new stills

Hello Blanchetters!

Mrs. America gets released in one month on Hulu, FX Network’s chosen streaming platform. The tv series will be made of 9 episodes; IMDb revealed the tile of the first three episodes debutting on April 15, 2020:

1.1 Phyllis

1.2 Gloria

1.3 Shirley

The remaing episodes will be aired from April 22, 2020 to May 27, 2020.

Cate Blanchett plays Phyllis Schlafly, Rose Byrne is Gloria Steinem and Uzo Aduba is Shirley Chisholm.

The network opened the official social accounts and the official site:

Official site

Official Twitter

Official Instagram

The first posters and two new stills have been released by the official channel and the Gazette, while Entertainment Weekly dedicated two pages to the show in their new issue.

The whole cast is scheduled to attend The View on Monday April 6, 2020 (Source), but we don’t know if they will, given the actual epidemic situation.

Stay safe!

Mrs. America – First Two Teaser Trailers

Mrs. America – First Two Teaser Trailers

Hello Blanchetters!!

FX Networks has released the first two teaser trailers for Mrs. America. Based on true events, Cate Blanchett is Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-heroine of the female empowerment movement.

The tv series debuts on Hulu on April 15.

For those unable to watch the trailers, due to geographic reasons, they have been made available by other YT channels. Enjoy!

Winter TCA Tour – Additional Pictures and Contents

Winter TCA Tour – Additional Pictures and Contents

Hello dear Blanchetters!

New pics from the last event attended by Cate. On January 9th, during the annual Winter TCA Tour, Cate and the cast of Mrs. America promoted the upcoming series debutting on Hulu on April 15th. Enjoy!

Blanchett was later asked whether or she “liked” Phyllis or not, and responded firmly.

“Whether I like or dislike a character, whether it’s Phyllis or Elisabeth I is utterly irrelevant, it’s not my place,” she said.
My place is to present a character warts and all.”

Poetically, as the panel was going on, the Equal Rights Amendment was going to a floor vote in Virginia, the 38th state needed to finally ratify the amendment.

“It was like ‘Groundhog Day,’” Blanchett said about the conversations they saw coming up in the media through the years. These included everything from same-sex bathrooms to women being drafted, which is in the news again right now because of the situation in Iran.

“I’m a passionate lover of history. I don’t think you can in any way understand the present unless you look into the past,” Blanchett said. During the process of developing “Mrs. America,” they looked at historical moments such as “Roe V. Wade” to consider how much was relevant to the story they were telling and what needed full episodes devoted to them.

via Variety

“You just had the civil rights and paid equity act, so here was another huge change to the Constitution,” said Blanchett today about the series, “It was suddenly a bridge too far for a lot of people about how much change we’re going to tolerate because what’ interesting about the time was that we see a lot of special interest groups use this to push through their platforms about isolation, integration and pro-life.”

“The irony is that everything that Phyllis and the ‘antis’ worried about has come to pass without the equal rights amendment being put in the Constitution,” said the two-time Oscar winner.

via Deadline