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Spoiler alert! Mrs. America‘s fourth episode is now available on streaming platforms or about to be aired on TV. We have added to the gallery the screencaptures of the videos posted last week. Click on the links below.

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Every video is available on the FX Network channel on Youtube

A new still has been published by LA Times here and other one on People here

From Mrs. America Recap: The Catfight ComethVulture

It also explains why she is hit so hard by the personal comments Phyllis lobs at Betty during the debate. Phyllis, who is losing the debate completely on the merits of her arguments, primarily because her arguments have no merits, attacks Betty personally, alluding to the fact that her husband left her and married a much younger woman. (The way Blanchett pauses just a half-second longer on the word “beauty” when she talks about women losing their beauty, as if to imply that Betty never had beauty to lose, is absolutely wicked.) It’s a total Trump move, and also a move that Phyllis learned from debate prepping with her husband, Fred. (Have you noticed how practically every idea that Phyllis has is something she co-opted from someone else? Because I have.)

New spanish interview with El Correo



Blanchett shines in this unsympathetic role — you can see what a terrific Hedda Gabler she must of been — you want to rip her to shreds yet can’t help but feel sorry that no one listened to her discuss the ways and means of missiles.

The New Yorker

Blanchett’s Schlafly is a pastel nightmare, arch and juicily camp.

Catholic Courier

Vogue Poland


Film Inquiry

If you are into the award season debate, take a look at the article ‘Mrs. America’ and Cate Blanchett are formidable Emmy frontrunners here