Mrs. America – Preview, reviews and interviews

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The sixth episode of Mrs. America is just few hours away. Enjoy the preview below.

We have added to the gallery two pictures from the set added on social media few weeks ago – Sources 1, 2

New interviews

The Globe amd the Mail

Cate Blanchett and Stacey Sher on Mrs. America’s tug-of-war between uncomfortable history and good storytelling

In a joint interview this past week with The Globe and Mail, Blanchett and Mrs. America executive producer Stacey Sher spoke about the politics of adaptation.

Now that the series is out there in the world, how do you feel about the critical reaction to it?

Cate Blanchett It’s funny when it’s a very specific period of history, and you think it’s a finite, hermetically sealed investigation. But this is so keyed into issues people are thinking about right now. Not just women, but the grand inequity we have come to tolerate in society.

Stacey Sher We’re thrilled that it’s created a discussion, and I think that it’s funny to look back at the ’70s as a much more inclusive time, at least ideologically, because none of us realized that mainstream Republicans then were pro-ERA and pro-choice. It’s hard to imagine a time when the U.S. political structure wasn’t so polarized, and had real and thoughtful debates.

Blanchett The notion of public discourse being a conversation and discussion, and being able to have long-form nuanced discussions about very important subjects … it doesn’t feel like we have those public platforms any more, as much as social media promised it would be.


Cate Blanchett, con Infobae: “La mayor parte del tiempo vivo como una impostora”

– ¿El trabajo como actriz te lleva a analizar ciertos temas sociales desde afuera, con más objetividad?

– La mayor parte del tiempo vivo como una ‘impostora’ pero es cierto, en cierta forma veo todo desde afuera para reflejar mejor como es la sociedad. De un modo bastante extraño, como una fotógrafa, suelo dar un paso atrás para ver mejor lo que pasa adentro. Es una experiencia que suelo tener arriba del escenario, cuando estoy totalmente concentrada, pero también me doy cuenta que la persona en la fila F se está durmiendo o se enciende la luz de algún teléfono celular. Digamos que cuento con un tercer ojo. Sí, definitivamente.

– ¿Y se puede evitar el mensaje político al momento de abordar en una serie de TV el debate sobre temas sociales tan diferentes como la inmigración y los derechos de la mujer?

– Es muy difícil generar un mensaje que no sea politizado cuando por ejemplo la conversación se basa en la democracia de la mujer. Es una polarización que surge antes de que te des cuenta. Es lo malo de los medios sociales donde todo se reduce a una simple frase. Lo bueno del cine es que trata el lado humano y es lo que tanto me inspira. Cuando tratas con emociones intensas, a veces las palabras fracasan. Y por eso el cine cuenta con un espacio que puede ocupar, mostrando los rostros de la gente, sin la necesidad de una sola palabra. Es también una buena forma de contagiar cuestionamientos que requieren respuestas de apoyo, de todos.


The Nation

Some of my feminist friends think Mrs. America is too sympathetic to Schlafly. I think that impression is largely due to Cate Blanchett’s brilliant performance. She is so beautiful, you want to look at her forever, with a creamy softness lacking in photos of the real-life Schlafly, and she brings a humorous twinkle to Schlafly’s steely self-control as well. Blanchett’s Schlafly is a bit like Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair; it’s fun to watch her scheme her way to the top.

The Sydney Morning Herald

But no one wins here more than Schlafly, brought effortlessly to life by Cate Blanchett. Measuring great performances is an imprecise science, but this feels visceral in an unexpected and surprising way. Blanchett’s track record speaks for itself, but here something else is happening. Every time Blanchett’s Schlafly glides perfectly into the frame, there is simply nowhere else to look.

New University

Blanchett’s portrayal of such a strong-minded, passionate woman is not only spot-on but also adequately resembles the sexist actions and inequitable mentality shown towards women during this historical era.

The Hindu

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett as Schlafly is sublime, and uncomfortably convincing. Blanchett potrays Schlafly with a veneer of calcuated calmness and persistance that makes you squirm in your seats as her blatant hypocrisy is revealed.



LA Times