Happy Birthday Cate Blanchett – Mass Update 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, Blanchetters all over the world, today is THE day!

On May 14, 1969 Catherine Elise Blanchett came to this earth! Happy 51th Birthday Cate!!!!

We wish to honor Cate’s birthday with our own longstanding tradition: a massive update of the gallery, aimed to make available to the fandom at large as many contents as possible.

What started as a small updated for less known events, became a monstrous update with over 4000 new pictures added to the gallery. We have also replaced some MQ pictures with HQ ones. Click on every thumbnail to open an updated album (remember to clear your cache and refresh the page before starting).

As many of you know this fansite is run by fans for free, but the amount of pictures stored in the servers has increased their mantainance cost. Please consider supporting the fansite with a donation (scroll down to the button Donate on the right sidebar). We have until August 22 to reach our 400 dollars goal. Thanks for your help.

Without further ado, welcome to the last mass update!





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  1. This is immense! Gorgeous new layout too! Thank you so much for all your hard work, this site is an amazing haven and resource for Cate fans everywhere. I will definitely be donating to show my appreciation. 🙂

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