Cate Blanchett to present Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Jackson, and Sì perfume promo

Hi, Blanchetters!

One week to go before production of Borderlands begins but here’s some news, Cate will present Lifetime Achievement Award from VFX Society to Peter Jackson. There are also new pictures released for Sì perfume promo.

Sì Eau de Parfum promo

I recently got to spend an afternoon with Cate Blanchett! Well, at a virtual event in my shoffice (shed office) to celebrate the launch of the new Armani Beauty Si Intense, above, €90. Ambassador Cate looked as elegant as ever in the most amazing red Armani ensemble, while she chatted about the scent that has gone straight to the top of the fragrance charts, despite only launching relatively recently.
I got to ask Cate a question, which was… If Si were a piece of Armani clothing, what would it be? To which she replied, “It would be one of Mr Armani’s deconstructed suits that moves as you move, which has power but also grace, so it looks like you just kind of threw it on.”
And if that’s not the best way to describe Si, then I don’t know what is.
Thank you, Cate — if you’re reading this, call me! I need that red outfit in my life…