Cate Blanchett at (Virtual) VES Awards, and Conversation with Riz Ahmed

Wednesday, Apr 7, 2021

Hi, Blanchetters!

Cate Blanchett presented the VES Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Jackson and you can watch it below. Amazon Studios has released a video interview of Riz Ahmed with Cate as part of their FYC (For Your Consideration) campaign for Sound of Metal. Also, we have uploaded the screencaps from the conversation as well as Cate’s SAG appearance, and Morag Ross and Givenchy posted behind the scene photos of Cate for Screen Actors Guild Awards. Check them below.

Presenting VES Lifetime Achievement Award to Peter Jackson

Conversation with Riz Ahmed and Cate Blanchett

Click on the image to watch the video.



SAG Awards behind the scenes

SAG Screencaptures: