Happy Birthday, Cate Blanchett! – Gallery Update 2021

Hello, Blanchetters, it is Cate Blanchett Day!

Happy 52nd birthday to the one and only, our favourite actress, Cate Blanchett!

And just like the previous years, to celebrate Cate’s birthday in our own way we have uploaded some unseen photos and updated some photos to larger resolution. We have also updated all the screen captures of her movies (with the exception of Thank God He Met Lizzie and The Good German) to HQ and Blu-ray versions. We’d like to thank  (Cate Blanchett China) for the photos from Hamburg premiere of Elizabeth (1998). Click each thumbnails to open the updated folders. Also, Armani Beauty has released a new ad for Crema Nera today!

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Here’s the new video and photos. Enjoy!

Brochure Scans

Magazine/Newspapers Scans

Blu-ray/HD Screencaptures