Cate Blanchett interviewed ahead of South Korean release of Apples

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Cate talks about Apples ahead of its release in South Korea. We posted a Google translated interview because the site is not compatible with Hangul (Korean alphabet). The original source is linked at the end of this post. Also, Armani Beauty and Morag Ross has posted two new pictures for something coming soon.

As a regular Academy Award filmmaker… Blanchett “I want to collaborate with Director Park Chan-wook”

An academy regular who has been nominated for the Academy Actor Award seven times and won the Best Actress and Supporting Actress awards for the films ‘Blue Jasmine’ (2013) and ‘Aviator’ (2004), respectively. A master of ‘one-person multi-parts’ who digested up to two roles per person in ‘Coffee and Tobacco’ (2003) and 12 roles per person in ‘Manifesto’ (2016). An acting genius who plays a male role in the movie ‘I’m Not There’ (2007), which depicts the life of Bob Dylan, and the play ‘Richard II’, freely crossing genders. In addition to starring in the movie “Carol” (2015), which was not produced for more than 10 years. She is Cate Blanchett (52) who holds all these modifiers. The name alone exudes charisma.

Debuting in 1997 with ‘Paradise Road’, she became an unrivaled actor through film and theater for 24 years. But few people know her as a filmmaker. Blanchett, who founded the film production company ‘Dirty Film’ with her husband, Andrew Upton, and produced Carol , chose ‘Apple’, directed by Greek director Christos Nikou, as the second film. I interviewed her in writing ahead of Apple’s release in Korea this month.

Apple’s background is a world in which amnesia has become a pandemic. Aris, the protagonist of the disease, forgot his name and home address. The hospital offers him a ‘Learn Life’ program that creates memories through new experiences. Aris builds a new identity by accumulating universal human experiences, from everyday life such as watching a movie or riding a bicycle to having a bed with a woman. Blanchett, who participated in the Venice International Film Festival last year and saw Apple at the premiere, said she was fascinated by the unique atmosphere of the film.

“I was very lucky to see Apples at the film festival. It was a story that was so weird and strange that it could be in the real world. It seemed to be floating, but it was not erased from my head. After that, I had a meeting with Christos, and immediately after meeting, I constantly talked and laughed.”

Blanchett participated as an executive producer and was in charge of the distribution of the film. It has given power to overseas sales in the film market where movies are traded.

“There are many ways to get involved in filmmaking. It depends on what the director needs. It was very clear that I wanted to work with Christos, so after the Venice Film Festival, when he asked for help in entering various markets, my answer was yes, of course. In particular, it was difficult for the movie to be sold to overseas markets this year (pandemic), so I thought it was necessary to provide a space for the movie to breathe.”

Apple resembles the reality that the new coronavirus infection (Covid 19) hit the world in that people collectively suffer memory loss due to an unknown cause.

“Since it took six years to make the film, the concept of a pandemic was in Christos’ mind long before the pandemic. Of course, now that people are going through a difficult time with Covid-19, the audience will have no choice but to watch the movie through the lens of the pandemic. But that’s a coincidence. This film is about the loss of identity, solitude, and familiarity. That will resonate regardless of the times.”

She said that there are many interesting works that Dirty Film will show soon, and that she is also looking forward to collaboration with Korean directors.

“Dirty Film has been talking with director Park Chan-wook for a long time. He has his own unique perspective and an amazing way to see stories, characters, and audiences. My interest in movies is multifaceted, but the most important thing is to collaborate with good people who have great and unique stories.”

‘Apple’ Chief Producer Cate Blanchett “Director Park Chan-wook is amazing”

Cate Blanchett, the executive producer of ‘Apple’, “The director Park Chan-wook is amazing”

Actor Cate Blanchett, who fascinated the world with such as “Blue Jasmine” and “Carol”, was named on the credit as the lead producer of the movie “Apple. This is the second feature film she participated in as a lead producer following his lead film’Carol’.

‘Apple’ is a unique emotional drama that takes place while meeting’Anna’ who is participating in the ‘Learn Life’ program devised by the hospital in order to create a new identity by the main character ‘Aris’ in a world where amnesia has become a pandemic. The debut work of the rookie director Christos Nikow, who is notable for “The 2nd Yorgos Rantimos!” (Time Out), and the fact that world-renowned actor Cate Blanchett participated as the lead producer has garnered a lot of attention. Before the release of’Apple’ in Korea in May, Cate Blanchett delivered a greeting to the domestic audience through a written interview. Next is Cate Blanchett and the Dong-A Ilbo’s questions and answers.

Q1. I read an article saying that you first met ‘Apple’ at the premiere of participating in the Venice International Film Festival last year as the chairman of the jury. What was your first impression of’Apple’?

A1. I was very fortunate to be able to meet ‘Apple’. ‘Apple’ was a weird, strange charm, and a very, very realistic piece. It wasn’t erased while floating in my head. Immediately after the screening, I had a meeting with Director Christos Nikow, and immediately after meeting, I had a constant conversation.

Q2. In this ‘Apple’, you participated in the film’s lead producer. What was the difference in the distribution process from the films you made in the past?

A2. There are many different ways a person can participate in any filmmaking. Depending on what the director’s requirements are, and at what stage in the production they are involved. Director Christos Nikou and I each clearly shared our opinion that we would like to work with each other, so when he asked Dirty Films (a production company founded by Cate Blanchett) to help them enter the various overseas markets, I immediately replied “yes”. I did. As you may well know, the overseas market situation was more difficult due to Corona 19 this year, so I thought that this work should make a place to breathe in that part.

Q3. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but ‘Apple’ is a film about a very timely and current pandemic in the Pandemic Era. In the movie, people forget the people they love and they are forgotten from others. What similarities do you think are between the situation in the movie and the events taking place in the world today? Can the audience after the pandemic relate more to this work than the audience before the pandemic?

A3. ‘Apple’ is about the loss of identity, sadness, and close people rather than a pandemic. Of course, over the past 18 months, people have been very heavily influenced by the factor of Covid 19, so I think that audiences will have no choice but to watch this movie through a lens called Pandemic. However, it is a coincidence to the last. In fact, it took six years for this work to be produced, so the concept of this work was born in the mind of director Christos Nikou long before the current idea of ??the corona pandemic was discussed. I believe ‘Apples’ will resonate in people regardless of the times.

Q4. Remembering, forgetting, and interpreting something determines a person’s life. It’s sad to be forgotten, but in a way, remembering everything would be a disaster. From this point of view, what does ‘remember’ and ‘forget’ something mean to you?

A4. Film director Peter Brook once said: “Hold on tightly, let go lightly” I think this can be a good answer to the question. In what way is it that we persistently try to forget is destined to be remembered forever?

Q5. Not long ago, I read an article that announced that you and Director Christos Nikou will work on your next film. When it comes to making a movie, you seem to have a good idea. What are the biggest strengths of Christos Nikou as a film director?

A5. I love his constant curiosity and openness. He has a desire to bump into an idea, and when he encounters an obstacle, he finds a creative way to overcome it and looks around or embraces it and incorporates it into his goals. It’s also his advantage that when he’s next to him, his surroundings become very lively.

Q6. What kind of movie do you want to produce in the future?

A6. My personal taste is very demanding, but above all, I think the most important basic is wanting to help people with a unique story. There are a few stories that are planned and we look forward to telling them soon.

Q7. Are there any Asian directors that you and Dirty Film would like to collaborate with?

A7. Of course. We had a long conversation with the producers of Park Chan-wook, Bi Gan, and Ann Hui. I think they all have their own unique perspectives, stories, characters, and amazing ways to see the audience.

Cate Blanchett participates as the lead producer, and the emotional drama ‘Apple’, which raises expectations, will be released in May.

Caramel Films also shared this short video of Cate during 2020 Venice Film Festival when she met Shamila Shirzad.

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Source: Daum, Donga