TÁR interviews and gallery update

Good day, Blanchett fans!

TÁR expands to 100 theatres in the US this Friday, October 21st, so please go see the movie in a theatre near your area. Cate Blanchett will be attending the Australian premiere at Adelaide Film Festival this Friday too. An almost hour interview with Zane Lowe has been released. We have updated the gallery with magazine scans, HQs from interviews, and additional photos from TÁR photo session with Todd Field from New York promo.

The Zane Lowe Interview

The interview is available to watch on Youtube but you can also listen to it on Apple Music.

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Australian actor Cate Blanchett sits down with Zane Lowe to reflect on her experience embodying renowned composer Lydia Tár in the film TÁR. Though she is not a musician in her real life, Cate Blanchett molds herself to fit into the role of one of the greatest living composer-conductors for the film. Cate explains how she experienced major imposter syndrome while acting as the first-ever female music director of a major German orchestra. She and Zane also discuss more broadly the impact of music and humanity’s relationship with sound.

The Zane Lowe Interview

The New York Times Magazine Culture Issue – October 16th 2022

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