Green Carpet Fashion Awards & Australian Nominees Reception

Two events in one night — Cate Blanchett was at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards where she is a co-chair. Later in the evening, she went to the Australian Oscars Nominees Reception which was hosted by Australian Consul-General Los Angeles Ambassador Jane Duke, Ausfilm, Screen Australia and Australians in Film.

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  1. ‘If you can meet triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same,’ Rudyard Kipling said. Yes, but this is so difficult…
    What a disappointment, what a huge disappointment it must be for Cate today. I sincerely share her regret that not only did the film not win any Oscar, but Cate didn’t win Best Actress either, although it was well deserved, regardless of Michelle Yeoh’s talent. I really feel sorry for her that she didn’t get this award, because on the one hand her performance in Tar is absolutely dazzling, and on the other hand she invested a lot of time and effort in this role, which must have required a lot of preparation. If I had one small piece of advice to give her, it would be not to lose faith in herself: she is in my eyes and in the eyes of thousands or more people around the world an exceptional actor, perhaps even the best of all time. Let this not discourage her in the pursuit of her career, which is far from over, which will bring her many other awards including the coveted one. As Cate said about Lydia Tar, she will now have to look for another peak to reach, another summit of virtuosity, which will perhaps be even more dazzling than this one. It will certainly allow her to turn the page on Tar, even if it is so painful. Let her remain herself, let her keep her self-confidence, even if we share her immense disappointment. She remains in the hearts of her fans an exceptional actor whose time we are lucky enough to live in. Congratulations to Cate for this great film and this great role, which required so much energy from her, which have not been appreciated at their fair value.

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