TÁR release in Japan

TÁR will be out in Japan on May 12th. For the fans residing in Japan, you can check this list of cinemas that will be showing it. There is also giveaway of TÁR posters, CDs of the TÁR concept album, conductor’s batons, more info below. There are two interviews recently released and the Japanese trailer. Cate is also featured on the June 2023 issue of Screen Online.

Interview is Google translated from Japanese to English.

Cate Blanchett is amazing. This is all I have to say. She didn’t win an Oscar this year, but isn’t it okay to give a special award for Cate Blanchett’s starring “TAR”?

“I met the Todd Field 10 years ago, and since then there have been many plans to work together, but it never materialized. After all, the works that the director creates are all very excellent, but they are difficult to define genres. In such a situation, he sent me the script for this work. As soon as I read it, I thought it was the first time I read a script like this. I was very excited, first of all, to work with Todd, and to have the opportunity to discuss the way of thinking of modern people who are swayed by the media’s arbitrary imagery. I had a blast making this.”

Lydia will be working on the biggest job as a world famous musician that the world is paying attention to. However, at that time, an incident occurred that disturbed her.

The mental breakdown that followed… Full of thrills that you can’t understand unless you watch it.

“She is also about to fulfill her lifelong ambition of recording all Mahler’s symphonies with one orchestra, something no conductor has ever done before. So she’s trying to reach the top. At that point, she realize that the only way to stay an artist is to fall. The only way to get to the next peak is to run down. That’s why I think that there is fear and anxiety about what she should do next, and in the end it may have destroyed what she loves. So I kept wondering if she really did destroy herself. Because she looks like she’s doing something destructive. Not only romantic relationships and children, but also one’s own status, such as authority and power. Power…in this case, when you climb up to a position of cultural power, it’s such a fascinating and seductive place that you should either throw everything away and cling to it, or go on the defensive. I don’t know. But it’s not just limited to artists, it’s the same thing in the world of politics and industry. I think you’re talking about the pros and cons of authority.”

Original text in Japanese here.