Cate Blanchett for Armani Beauty


Here are some photos of Armani Beauty Global Ambassador Cate Blanchett taken by Virgile Guinard during Milan Fashion Week last month. Cate’s make-up was done by Mary Greenwell, hair by Nicola Clarke, and styling by Elizabeth Stewart.

Some of parts of the interview. Google translated from Italian to English. Link for the full interview is below.

Is it easier for you to say yes or no?
CB: It depends on what you say yes or no to, it could be an opportunity we open ourselves up to. In any case, we must always say yes to love, friendship and, why not, also to risk.

Since 2013 you have been the face of Sì Eau De Parfum. And since 2018 you have been Global Ambassador Armani Beauty. What relationship do you have with Mr. Armani?
CB: Our relationship is one of the most important from a professional point of view. The relationship began in my head even before we met, because we share the same passions, from cinema to architecture.

Perfumes have the power to bring past situations back to the surface.
CB: I also have memories linked to other versions of Sì, but the latter, with the hint of black tea and warm notes, takes me into the twilight zone, where I feel at ease. I love the first light of dawn and the twilight and Sì takes me right there.

Your beauty routine.
CB: When you wear heavy make-up on set you have to protect your skin in some way. I have always used Giorgio Armani black cream, with sunscreen.

Your typical day.
CB: One thing I never give up is a cold bath in the morning and I also try to do gymnastics, but as a friend says, trying is lying…

A beauty secret of yours
CB: I love stretching and hanging upside down for two minutes.

An antigravity yoga?
CB: Nothing so fancy! I hang wherever it happens. I do it for the mood. When you return to the normal position you change your attitude.

You like to let go.
CB: I think it’s crazy to always be in control. Sometimes letting go is the bravest thing.

Full interview here.