Cate Blanchett at Enemy of the People press night; The Graham Norton Show; & other news

Cate Blanchett attended the press night for the play, Enemy of the People, on Tuesday. The play led by Matt Smith is directed by her friend, Thomas Ostermeier.

She is guest at The Graham Norton on Friday, 23 February. The episode will air on BBC One and iPlayer, it will be on BBC America one week after. She is on the show to promote Warwick Thornton’s THE NEW BOY which is out in cinemas in UK and Ireland on 15 March.

And on some news, Cate is attached in a new film, MONICA, which was offered to Academy Award nominee, Justine Triet (director of Anatomy of a Fall).

Cate has also taken a new role as the creative director for the sake brand, Toku.

Triet & Blanchett

In a profile on Justine Triet in L’Obs, it is revealed that she has been offered to direct the graphic novel ‘Monica’ by Daniel Clowes. Cate is attached to star in the film.

Of the crazy encounters she [Justine Triet] had there [Hollywood], it was the one with the director of the nightmarish “Midsommar”, Ari Aster, who shocked this horror movie freak – “I just showed Hitchcock’s “The Birds” to my 8-year-old daughter, I think I messed up ,” she confided to “l’Obs” five years ago. Today, she is being asked, among other things, to direct the adaptation of Daniel Clowes’ dizzying graphic novel “Monica”, with Cate Blanchett. She didn’t follow up. At least, not yet.

Toku Sake

Cate Blanchett has taken on a new mantel as creative director for premium sake brand Toku.

Brewed in Asahikawa, Japan, Toku has produced top tier sake for more than 120 years using “highly polished”  Yamada Nishiki rice, generally recognised among sake makers as being the best quality rice with which to make the fermented drink.

The exceptionally cold climate in Asahikawa, which is Japan’s coldest city, results in “distinctly delicate, aromatic notes and an exceptionally long, rich finish”, which sets it apart from other Junmai Daiginjo sake, according to the brand.

Cate Blanchett: “The thoughtful, reflective craftsmanship that is part and parcel of everyday life in Japan has long been a touchstone for me. Saké reflects these traditional values with its intense focus on method, purity and authenticity. Sitting around a table with friends and family, celebrating and breaking bread together is one of life’s great pleasures, and over the years I have had countless, joy-filled nights sharing saké in this way. I’m excited to help bring the exquisite liquid which is Toku Saké into the world market.”

To mark the launch of the partnership, Toku will work with Treeapp to plant one mangrove for every bottle of Toku Saké sold.

The brand’s co-founders Anthony Newman and Peter Hudson said: “We are honoured to welcome Cate to the team. Her critically acclaimed background as an artist and producer, along with her passion for Japanese culture and highly selective involvement in global projects, will open new doors for our brand.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the Toku Saké vision shared and realised with the rest of the world, as sake grows in popularity in western markets.”

Enemy of the People Press Night

Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet say they get mistaken for each other ‘a lot’

Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet have said they get mistaken for each other “a lot”.

Oscar-winning actress Blanchett, 54, said that people have told her they “loved” her in 1997 romance film Titanic, in which Winslet, 48, starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio as Rose DeWitt Bukater.

Blanchett told The Graham Norton Show: “I get it all the time.

“People will say, ‘Is it you? Is it you?’ and I say, ‘Yes I think so’, and then they say, ‘I loved you in Titanic’.”

Winslet added: “I get people coming up to me saying ‘I loved you in Elizabeth’, it happens a lot.”

Blanchett played Queen Elizabeth I in the 1998 drama about her rise to power in 1558.


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